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Take advantage of the "sharing economy" to help the development of LED stage rental market

due to the implementation of energy-saving and thrifty policies in China in recent years, the cost budget of large-scale activities has been significantly reduced, and the demand for rental products on the performance stage closely related to LED rental display screen has been significantly reduced, resulting in a downturn in the LED display screen rental screen market. However, at the beginning of this year, the rental market has obviously warmed up, and the "competition for the best" for the rental market has been staged again, and the rental products of various display companies have been constantly innovating. Under the guidance of small spacing, the development of rental screen is showing vitality, and the rental market is unprecedented prosperous

after years of rapid development of the industry, the LED display leasing market has achieved leapfrog progress. Not only has a large number of professional LED stage leasing companies and engineering companies emerged, but also provides a beautiful stage effect for every large-scale event and celebration in the prosperous era. Led rental screens with independent brands also came into being

led display screen is used more and more widely, which is an inevitable trend. In recent years, the LED display screen rental market has become more and more broad, and the popularity has also become more and more prosperous. In addition, many large LED manufacturers compete in this market, and the competition among lessors is becoming "white hot". Some insiders also have their own perception here: "in terms of the current overall market situation, the whole rental market price is relatively low, and the purchase cost is reduced year by year. Unlike the high price in previous years, the overall market situation has been changing. The public's satisfaction with the LED display screen is also generally recognized."

some industry insiders said, "in addition, LED display screens are more routine now, and they are also used by ordinary families, such as wedding, birthday banquet, anniversary celebration and other activities. Based on the active and dynamic display effect of LED display screens, the development prospect of LED stage rental screens in this field will be far-reaching and lasting."

although the LED stage rental screen was also used in the above-mentioned scenes earlier, it has changed greatly in recent years, especially in county-level cities. As far as Chongqing is concerned, before, the display screens in the whole Chongqing area were mainly distributed in the urban area of Chongqing. Now they basically radiate to the surrounding county-level cities, such as Wanzhou, Fengjie, Dianjiang and other surrounding counties, which have begun to be widely transported and lost their product image and market led display screens. With the impact of various factors such as the beginning of price reduction, the decline of operating costs, and the continuous increase of local demand

in recent years, the major changes are in tier-2 cities and 34 county-level cities. Moreover, according to statistics, there are about 45 LED display companies in Chongqing and about 55 in surrounding cities. The estimated turnover of the above companies was about 80million before, but now it has exceeded about 100 million. To sum up, the reason why the whole market will become more and more prosperous is mainly due to the increase in demand. Therefore, the daily LED display is an inevitable trend. (price of LED display screen)

the small spacing market is hot, and there is a long way to go in the field of stage leasing

with the increasingly fierce competition in the LED display leasing industry, the leasing industry has become more and more "demanding" on the spacing of LED displays, and there is a momentum towards ultra-small spacing. According to industry insiders, "when we first entered the industry, P5, P6 and p3.91 were the main products in the market, but now the trend is below P3.0. Although our mainstream products are still p3.91, and there is also a certain market in LED stage leasing, they are basically concentrated in some high-end customers, in addition to those who use a small area (relatively small size)." From this, it is not difficult to see that there is indeed a certain market space for small spacing LED display screens in the field of stage leasing, but it still takes time to precipitate if we want to make great progress

moreover, industry insiders also frankly said that today's market has not fully recognized the following three points. First of all, for a long time, the LED stage rental market price is relatively low, while the price of small spacing is relatively high. Relatively speaking, the customer recognition is low, and the degree of Ghana is low. Secondly, the smaller the spacing of products with small spacing, the easier it is to cause collision. As the LED stage rental needs to be disassembled and transported frequently in the process of use, it is a weak position for small spacing to be widely used in this regard

however, it is understood that a relatively leading cob technology has emerged in the market, and its emergence seems to solve this bumpy phenomenon. Once this problem can be fundamentally solved, the small spacing market in the LED rental field is still considerable. Finally, it is also a point that cannot be ignored. Once the full-color LED display screen is bumped, a large number of maintenance personnel are required to repair it in the later stage, but there is little chance to expect the manufacturer to repair it. Individual iron mills are even under too much pressure, especially for lessors. Setting up a special maintenance team is a high budget for the overall cost. It can be seen that as long as the above three problems are solved, small spacing can still shine in the rental market

accounts receivable is still a pain point. Taking advantage of the "sharing economy" to help the industry develop

it is true that the LED stage leasing field has developed so rapidly that there are inevitably a series of problems. However, for the rapid growth of accounts receivable risk in the LED display industry, many insiders use "strange circles" to describe it. Among them, the leasing and engineering market is the target of public criticism. At present, the LED large screen industry is in the stage of passive reshuffle and integration. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, there may still be problems of long capital turnover time and high accounts receivable

according to insiders, the domestic led stage rental display screen market has reached its peak after more than ten years of development, and the profit margin is almost slim. In this industry, the situation of accounts receivable and triangle debt over the years is still very serious. In the face of such a situation, listed enterprises may still have a relatively large delay, making the vehicle out of balance. For small and medium-sized enterprises, insufficient funds seem to be a fatal injury

therefore, if the majority of LED stage rental manufacturers want to win the market opportunity, they must walk out of a mainstream development mode belonging to this era, which is the way for future development. Some insiders said with confidence that the current "sharing economy" model is a new economic model with great potential and reference significance. It is not only suitable for the development of the field of bicycles. The favorable policies of LED display screen have come one after another, and the sales of new cars have increased several times. The industry can also "take its essence and get rid of its dross", and use the efficient information circulation means of interconnection to make more extensive use of LED stage rental display screen. Only by making the best use of everything can we truly reflect the value of a commodity. In the mode of sharing economy, the supplier can get a certain monetary return by transferring the right to use goods or providing services within a specific time

in this way, it can not only make the LED rental screen in the hands of manufacturers active, but also bring more economic benefits to lessors, which can be described as "killing two birds with one stone". If so, as the LED rental screen market is gradually explored and opened, it is bound to attract a large number of enterprises, businesses and other industry people into this field. Here, insiders also call for the future led stage rental market to be more standardized and standardized

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