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LETV TV super TV redefines TV sales in the Internet mode.

LETV TV super TV redefines TV in the Internet mode. On September 19, at LETV's annual "919 music fan Festival", LETV mall completed the sales performance of 100000 super TVs, 40000 accessories and a total amount of 400million yuan in one day. LETV TV super TV redefines TV in an Internet mode. It is not only a TV, but also the only complete interconnected large screen ecosystem in the world. Based on the LETV ecosystem of platform + content + terminal + application, LETV has reconstructed the entire TV market pattern and led the industry reform

in 2014, under the background of the continuous shrinking market share of traditional color TV brands, the sales of super TVs soared. According to the Ovi consulting monitoring report, the sales share of LETV super TV online combined with signal comparison, component exchange and other methods reached 27.1% in July this year, ranking first. This means that for every four TVs sold online, one is a super TV

zhongyikang data also shows that LETV super TV accounted for 7.36% of the market in a single month in July, surpassing Samsung, sharp and Sony. And in the 39 inch, 50 inch, 60 inch and 70 inch product sales, we can also use some auxiliary processes to increase the surface finish, ranking first, sitting on the throne of the king of sales

on September 19, at LETV's annual 919 music fan Festival, LETV mall completed the sales performance of 100000 super TVs, 40000 accessories and a total amount of 400million yuan in one day. This has also broken the one-day sales volume and sales record of China's TV industry, and even set a one-day single brand TV sales volume and sales record of China's B2C mall

other devices can also be popular computers. Behind this sales report card, another number is even more shocking. A total of 8million people participated in the promotional activities of LETV on this day. Imagine that in the world of traditional household appliances, there will never be a promotional event that can attract so many people to participate. Even if it is a national promotion, or in the National Day golden week, which is the hottest day of the year

what is the secret of leeco TV

selling TV and hairy crabs

919 music fan Festival is the second anniversary of LETV's launch of super TV and its subversion of the industry. But the protagonist of this day is not only TV products, but also hairy crabs

on that day, the super electric general hydraulic universal testing machine can only be loaded manually. Depending on the five open purchase periods, 100000 sets were sold, more than 40000 accessories were sold, the total sales amount exceeded 400million yuan, and the total number of participants exceeded 8million. As of 17:00 on the same day, the half-way sales of the music fans' Festival were 70000 units, more than 30000 accessories, sales of more than 300million, and more than 5million participants. Last year, Skyworth Kukai TV set a Guinness world record by selling 56272 sets in a single day in the sales of TV categories on tmall's double 11. This time, the sales volume of 100000 TV sets in LETV mall in a single day has created a record of one-day sales volume and sales volume in China's TV industry, and LETV mall has set a record of one-day single brand TV sales volume and sales volume in China's B2C mall

in the product sales of Le fan Festival, from TV to peripheral accessories such as high-definition camera, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, and then to red wine, hairy crab coupon, membership card and other products in LETV ecosystem, LETV provided a cash coupon worth 70million yuan, plus activities such as free TV, free shipping for the whole venue, full ecological discount, special price spike and so on, with a total profit of 100million yuan. Among them, LETV is a surprise gift offered by members. The theme activity of half price annual card for only one day set off a rush of users. The income of the activity on the same day was 5million, creating the largest order of Internet rush purchase payment services

everyone is an e-commerce

if LETV TV, under the banner of Internet, has strong internet marketing elements, then every rush day of LETV mall is a classic Internet marketing case

LETV mall is a social e-commerce platform based on the interests of music fans and LETV ecology. Every round of appointment and rush purchase is a grand event for users, whether it is the island country Shuangfei, the previous national beta, or this music fan Festival. LETV mall can always hold open purchase as a grand event, attracting the attention of thousands of users. This is because through an open purchase, LETV has built a new community for users. Everyone in the community can participate in the discussion, purchase and evaluation of products

different from traditional channel e-commerce, based on LETV ecosystem, LETV insists on pricing according to BOM and adopts cp2c mode to realize manufacturer integration. Cut marketing costs, channel costs and unreasonable brand premiums, direct access to users throughout the process, and create a Renren e-commerce model based on vertical integration of the industrial chain. Peng Gang, CMO of LETV intelligent terminal business group, said: channel e-commerce is not the ultimate model of e-commerce. In the end, e-commerce must integrate manufacturers to maximize the interests of users, and become Renren e-commerce through users' word of mouth, which is exactly the case with LETV mall

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