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According to foreign media reports, last week, South Korea's LG Electronics (US) mobile communication company announced that jeffhwang would be appointed president of the company. In this new position, Hwang would be responsible for the development, manufacturing and marketing of LG Electronics in North America, and the formulation of strategic plans in North America Vigorously introduce a batch of high-end new materials professional talents, operator relations and business development. We'll see

last year, Hwang was in charge of the Korean mobile communication business of LG Electronics. Previously, he was the senior vice president of LG mobile marketing and product planning. From 2003 to 2006, he was in charge of marketing intelligence, product management and marketing communication operations in the North American market

Hwang has rich management experience in LG Electronics. He was responsible for the export operation of LG Electronics' audio and video products as early as 1987

hwang will become the top management of LG Electronics (USA) mobile company. He has replaced junocho, who has been appointed Executive Vice President of LG Group

Hwang said that we will continue to develop innovative and attractive products for the market, and I expect LG Electronics' business to grow in the next stage

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