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LG Chemical acrylic acid newly installed clean 1-point transparent plastic lunch boxes are sometimes picked up and will be put into production

South Korea LG Chemical Company recently said that its new acrylic acid/butyl acrylate production line in Lishui, South Korea, will be put into production in June this year. This production line is designed to produce 160000 tons of acrylic acid and butyl acrylate per year. At that time, LG Chemical's petrochemical plant in Lishui will speed up the construction and operation of transportation channels, with a total of four acrylic/acrylate production lines from the day of its establishment. Informed sources said that LG Chemical currently produces 80000-90000 tons of 1 parts per million butyl acrylate, 30000 tons of methyl acrylate, 30000 tons of ethyl acrylate and 30000-40000 tons of 2-ethylhexyl acrylate products with the size of carbon fiber

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