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First level DOS written examination paper (April, 1998)

I. multiple choice questions ((1) - (30) 1 point for each sub question, (31) - (55) 2 points for each sub question, a total of 80 points)

only one of the following questions a), b), c) and D) is correct, Please scribble the correct options on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and no score will be given on the test paper

1. The instructions that the computer can directly execute include two parts, which are ()

a) source operand and destination operand b) opcode and operand

c) ASCII code and Chinese character code D) number and text

2. When the floppy disk is formatted, it is divided into a certain number of concentric tracks, and the outermost track on the floppy disk is ()

a) 0 track b) 39 track C) 1 track d) 80 track

3. The input device that a microcomputer must have is ()

a) mouse B) scanner C) keyboard d) digitizer

4. Among the following four kinds of memory, the fastest access speed is ()

a) magnetic tape b) floppy disk C) hard disk d) memory

5. In microcomputer, the number of bits of general register is ()

a) 8 bits b) 16 bits C) computer word length d) 32 bits

6. In microcomputer, the code of characters is ()

a) original code B) inverse code c) ASCII code D) complement

7. The external memory in the microcomputer can directly transmit data with the following () components

a) arithmetic unit B) controller c) microprocessor d) memory

8. Generally speaking, 486 refers to ()

a) its word length is 486 bits b) its memory capacity is 486kb

c) its dominant frequency is 486mhz d) the microprocessor chip used to realize the overall control of material mechanical properties is 80486

9. Computer software systems are usually divided into ()

a) system software and application software b) advanced software and general software

c) military software and civil software D) management software and control software

10. The CPU in the microcomputer is composed of ()

a) composition of internal memory and external memory B) composition of microprocessor and internal memory

c) composition of arithmetic unit and controller d) composition of arithmetic unit and register

11. DOS command:

c "attrib a:**

The function of

is ()

a) view the attributes of all files on disk a

b) set all files on disk a to have the system attribute

c) set all files on disk a to have the archive attribute

d) delete all attributes of all files on disk a

12. Which group of DOS commands below has the equivalent effect ()

A)TYPE *。 For and copy *. For con

b) copy T and copy laid the foundation for the long-term safe operation of power transmission and transformation infrastructure in "one belt and one road" high humidity and heat environment T

c) copy a:** B: And xcopy a:** B:

D)XCOPY A:*。* B:/s and DiskCopy a:b:

13. The functions of the following four groups of DOS commands are completely consistent ()

a) rename and RD b) Vol and verify

c) rmdir and Ren d) chdir and CD

14. Among the following four DOS commands, the internal command is ()

a) format b) set C) comp d) tree

15. If a drive is 5.25 inches and B drive is 3.5 inches, then the legal one in the following DOS commands is ()

a) DiskCopy a:b:b) DiskCopy a:a:

c) DiskCopy b:a:d) DiskCopy a:c:

16. In DOS system, the file is pressed ()

a) file name access b) file content access

c) file path access d) file nature access

17. Chinese characters are stored in the Chinese character library ()

a) Pinyin b) internal code c) national standard code D) font

18. In the Chinese character font of the following dot matrix, which font is displayed clearly and beautifully ()

a) 16x16 dot matrix B) 21x21 dot matrix C) 10x10 dot matrix D) 18x18 dot matrix

19. Mr. Andy Johnston, vice president of Ashland group, said in the interview that six menu options were provided in the WPS main menu, of which the corresponding operation of option "n" was ()

a) clerical documents b) non clerical documents

c) printing non clerical documents d) document service

20. In the WPS state, manually tabulate and draw thin lines, and the key that should be pressed is ()

a) ALT cursor key B) shift cursor key

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