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LG launched the world's fastest A4 color desktop printer supported by memjet, Seoul, South Korea, June 21, 2011/AP Asia/-- LG Electronics (hereinafter referred to as "LG") and memjet, the global supplier of high-speed color printing technology, jointly launched memjet's breakthrough office printing technology for the Korean market today. The world's fastest A4 color desktop printer, machjet lpp6010n, will be launched this month through LG's authorized dealers and channel partners

until now, printing technology has been limited to lasers and traditional inkjet systems. Machjet has introduced a new type of printing technology, which makes it possible to achieve high-quality color printing with unprecedented speed and quality. Memjet's breakthrough low pressure loss in the valve, high-density page width print heads and components make the printer run twice as fast as traditional color office printers, but the cost is reduced by half (average)

si Hwan Park, vice president of LG electronic monitor and printer business unit, said: "LG is proud to launch truly innovative products, and is pleased to launch the world's fastest A4 color desktop printer supported by memjet's printing technology that changes the face of the industry for the Korean market. Machjet can provide a new level of color performance and affordable price, and the energy of gbt229 (1) 994 metal Charpy Notch Impact test method is much less than that of laser printers."

machjet achieves high-quality color output with a resolution of 1600x800dpi on 60 pages per minute, surpassing existing printers. Memjet's proprietary page straight array (PSA) technology packs more than 70000 inkjet heads through a single print head - the density of the inkjet head is 17 times that of the traditional print head, enabling machjet to release more than 700 million drops of ink 50Hz on a page of paper per second

len Lauer, President and CEO of memjet, said, "by combining the core technology benefits of memjet with LG's brand effect, enterprise capabilities and extensive distribution network, LG will create exciting new value for Korean customers seeking to improve office printing efficiency and reduce related costs."

the operation of printers supported by memjet is also more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Competitive color laser printers consume an average of about 600W of power during normal operation, while machjet consumes only 32W of power. Machjet's hyper small drop technology further reduces costs. Machjet uses smaller ink droplets to quickly minimize the amount of ink required to render neat new text and pictures. This technology brings faster ink drying and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 70% compared with competitive color laser printers

such innovation has won memjet a position of intellectual property that can not be ignored in the industry. It has more than 3000 approved global patents and 2000 pending patents. High work efficiency

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