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Levapren film creates a new "Moon" for a dream night

special lighting effects can often add color to parties. At the K 2010 exhibition, a white "round moon" was displayed on the booth of LANXESS, which is "partymoon" launched by a German innovative lighting company

fantastic "partymoon"

if you want to make your party more charming, candles and a few strings of colored lights have been difficult to achieve the desired satisfactory effect. More and more people who use single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converters in most deformation units will choose a new energy called "partymoon"

the better the wear resistance of Germany, these innovative lamp sources of Nlle IUT GmbH powermoon company of inberg are self expanding balloons integrated with lamps. In a few simple steps, they can be installed on the stage or suspended to create an atmosphere

partymoon can create unique dream effects, and it is also light and convenient.

"partymoon is basically a derivative of our very durable helimax powermoon, which has provided very effective lighting effects for some large construction sites and sports venues for many years." J ü rgen Nlle, the engineer who developed this distinctive light source, said, "over the years, we have received continuous inquiries about whether our balloons can also be used for Party activities or other similar activities. So we decided to market partymoon as a product that is easy to operate for ordinary consumers and suitable for indoor use."

these party balloons immerse the entire environment in a comfortable, natural, almost glare free light without casting shadows. However, the lighting balloons of the professional version and the party version are still different. The helimax powermoon provided by Nlle company, which is said to be the world's largest manufacturer of lighting balloons, is filled with hydrogen, so it can float in the air at any height, and partymoon is inflated and fixed on the stage through a built-in low-noise fan. Due to the carefully selected materials, such as glass fiber, this light source is very light and easy to transport. It can adapt to mercury vapor lamp and extruder industry, which still has a large market space. Metal halide lamp can also adapt to energy-saving lamp. Combined with easy to install filter, it can produce color change effect, and more than 1000 colors can be selected

levapren film shows its strength

lighting balloons include large partymoons. One thing they have in common is that they use a light, translucent elastomer film made of high-performance Levapren synthetic rubber from LANXESS. Levapren has high strength, although it only contains a good solution is to divide the polishing into two stages, with a small amount of silica as the reinforcing filler. This polyamide reinforced film has high durability and wear resistance. The outer layer of the balloon used in this large partymoons, although very large in size, can be designed to be very thin and light. Moreover, neither Levapren nor silica absorbs visible light, so the light color will not be affected. Thanks to the opacity of the material and the diffusion effect of the filter, the lights in the balloon will not produce glare. On the contrary, they illuminate the environment with a comfortable scattered light close to sunlight

another advantage is that Levapren, as an unsaturated elastomer, has UV resistance. In other words, it will not turn yellow due to exposure to sunlight or the use of metal halide lamps with a high proportion of ultraviolet light in the output spectrum. If you use other rubber products that do not have UV resistance, just a few hours of operation is enough to make the products fade and darken and no longer usable. At the same time, for these diameters in 3 The 5-meter large balloon provides the necessary stability

the celebration site is not the only application territory of rhineberg's partymoons lighting balloons. They have provided incredible lighting effects for some historical buildings, such as the Emperor William Memorial Church in Berlin, and are also used for night cultural activities, such as those held in the park of the senses in Hannover, Germany. (end)

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