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Building industry 4.0 China weathervane, IA Beijing 2016 opening

on May 11, the 2016 Beijing international industrial intelligence and Automation Exhibition (IA Beijing 2016), hosted by the Chinese society of mechanical engineering and hosted by Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Hannover exhibition company, Germany, opened grandly in the Beijing exhibition hall. More than 200 leading enterprises from around the world performed enthusiastically in the four exhibition areas of connector sensors, motion control, industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing, showing the beauty of modern industry intelligence

after years of development, IA Beijing has become one of the most authoritative industrial automation exhibitions in northern China with the largest market scale and the highest degree of internationalization. With the gradual expansion of exhibition scale and the further improvement of platform maturity, IA Beijing has become the trend vane of German industry 4.0 in China

ia Beijing wonderful contemporary Forum provides an excellent platform for professional visitors and exhibitors to exchange and learn. With the smooth holding of more and more academic forums and seminars, IA Beijing's own academic level and professional level have also reached a new height. With the expanding influence of the exhibition year by year and the two forums in the same period, IA Beijing's position as a smart manufacturing weathervane is ready to emerge

this year's ia Beijing exhibition will not only put forward industry 4.0 as a concept, but also invite top enterprises advocating the concept of industry 4.0 to make industry 4.0 concrete, knowable and sensible by measuring the total force or model display required to destroy the sample through various facts. At the PROFINET Summit Forum of this exhibition, the industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing physical exhibition area will be displayed one by one, and the fully integrated automatic demonstration system and the intelligent factory demonstration system of the industrial IOT will be displayed one by one, and a competition of high-end intelligent manufacturing will be staged on the spot

the International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing of China Engineering Technology Forum, jointly created by China and Germany, will still be heavily launched in IA Beijing during the exhibition this year. It is understood that the International Conference on intelligent manufacturing has been successfully held for three times, and its scale and influence have also expanded year by year. This conference, which can be called the highest specification and largest conference in the industry, introduced the two major theme concepts of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 for the first time last year, causing heated debate in the industry

at this International Conference on intelligent manufacturing, a number of Chinese and German national leaders, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and senior executives of manufacturing enterprises will visit ia Beijing to discuss hot topics in the manufacturing industry, such as the development strategy and policy of intelligent manufacturing, the connotation and system of intelligent manufacturing, as well as the practice and path of intelligent manufacturing, which are of global concern. With its far-reaching influence in the industry, the International Conference on intelligent manufacturing has become an international platform that leads the development of the industry. With the widespread use of electric testing and electronic control technology in experimental machines, the latest policies have been issued

at the same time, the fourth industrial robot automation application conference will also be held at the same time of the exhibition. This conference will take process optimization and excellent efficiency as the theme, and guide the audience to further understand the current application status and development opportunities of industrial robots in China's manufacturing industry. Looking closely at the hot spots of the industry in the past year, it is not difficult to find that the smart industrial robot that detonated the manufacturing industry in 2015 is still the focus of attention this year. From Foxconn's million robot strategy to ABB's two arm intelligent robot Yumi, which leads the trend. It is undeniable that industrial robots, known as the crown jewel of the manufacturing industry, have little wear and tear, which play a great role in improving production efficiency and reducing production costs, as well as improving product lean and production safety

in addition to large authoritative scientific research institutions, technical associations and mainstream professional media, a number of leading automation enterprises are the protagonists of this exhibition. Many enterprises such as phoenix contact, Turk, Vito, EFM, baruf, connais, baccalais, Guangyang electronics, weidmiller, Shanghai bank technology, Shide electronics, TingYang, Haoting, American Red Lion, EPLAN, Yiche, autonix, Hummer, Guangzhou CNC and jinhongge also exhibited during the exhibition

after years of development, IA Beijing, which centers on the capital Beijing and radiates to the surrounding areas, integrates academic research and technical application, and brings together many well-known 167 building exterior wall elastic coating users and enterprises, has become an inevitable choice for industrial users in northern China to watch the exhibition

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