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Lulu industry development high-precision 5-axis control mc

Japan Lulu industry (Headquarters: Tokyo) has developed a high-precision 5-axis control and seriously implemented a series of fiscal policy work centers (MC) "rmx-5" issued by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to support the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, At the "2006 Chicago International Machinery Manufacturing Technology (machine tool) Exhibition (imts2006)" held in Chicago from September 6 to 13, 2006, biomaterials can be divided into inert materials and degradable materials. The accuracy deviation of each surface of the workpiece being cut is less than 10 μ M and may cause vibration or pipeline leakage, which is 100% higher than that of ordinary 5-axis control mc μ m. The deviation is controlled below 1/10

it is characterized by high-precision machining of each component of the machine tool to ensure the right angle, parallelism and arc degree, and on this basis, adjust and assemble each component. Through the thorough inspection of each process, high precision is obtained

structurally, the new 5-axis controlled MC is equipped with a stage with indexing function and rotation function on three axially moving vertical MC spindles, which are horizontal x-axis, depth y-axis, and vertical Z-axis, as viewed from the front of the machine tool. This stage is a cradle shaped trunnion on which the stage is indexed by the a-axis (the axis that rotates the x-axis) and the disc is rotated by the c-axis

in addition to being able to process with high precision, accuracy is also important in terms of output effect. For example, when cutting workpieces, the rotating speed of the stage is not increased too much, but "maintain the minimum speed required" (busy industry). Because if you rotate at high speed, although the cutting efficiency will be improved, the accuracy will be reduced

as a sample of the workpiece, the company showed the mold used to cast the impeller and differential pinion. However, in order to give play to its characteristics of cutting with higher accuracy, we will look for workpieces that need high accuracy and complex shape, such as medical devices and military equipment used in the North American market. The maximum cutting diameter is 320mm

the MC is priced at about "35million yen" (roulu industry). It is expected to be about 500 yen higher than the ordinary 5-axis controlled MC

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