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In recent years, Shandong has continuously deepened the supply side structural reform, accelerated the transformation of old and new kinetic energy with reform, opening up and innovation as the driving force, and led the industrial economy of Shandong Province to develop in depth. Especially in the field of industry university research cooperation and innovation, since 1991, industry university research exhibitions have been held for 26 consecutive years to guide and promote enterprises to strengthen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, carry out joint research, break through a large number of key common technologies, and achieve a large number of innovative achievements leading the country, providing an inexhaustible driving force for the industrial transformation and upgrading, quality improvement and efficiency increase, and sustainable economic development of Shandong Province. Industry university research integration innovation has become the concept and brand of technological innovation of Shandong enterprises

industrial development has reached a new level

Shandong is a province with a large population, economy, culture and industry. It has a complete range of industries. The 41 quarterly reports of national key statistics show that one industrial category and 197 categories are distributed, and the output of 110 key products ranks among the top three in China. Shandong is also an important energy and raw material base in China. The crude oil processing volume took the lead in breaking through 100 million tons. The production capacity of rubber tires accounts for 50% of the country, electrolytic aluminum accounts for 30%, and chemical industry accounts for 20%, which strongly supports the economic development of Shandong Province and the country

in recent years, Shandong has conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, actively adapted to the new normal of leading economic development, deeply promoted the supply side structural reform, vigorously implemented the "made in China 2025", accelerated the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and stepped up industrial development to a new level, showing several characteristics of "big, strong, excellent, new and flexible"

first, the status of a major industrial province has been further consolidated. In 2016, industries above Designated Size in the province achieved a main business income of 15 trillion yuan and a profit of 864.3 billion yuan, accounting for 13% and 12.6% of the country respectively, ranking second. The main business income of the five industries exceeded trillion yuan, of which chemical industry ranked first in the country, light industry, machinery and textile ranked second, and metallurgy ranked third

second, the situation of a strong industrial province has further emerged. 77 enterprises were shortlisted in China's top 500 manufacturing industries, and 22 counties (cities) were shortlisted in the national top 100 industrial counties. In the selection of the fourth China Industrial awards, a total of 6 enterprises in Shandong Province won the awards. Four enterprises won the gold medal of China excellent industrial design award, 22 enterprises were shortlisted for the first batch of national manufacturing single champion demonstration (cultivation) enterprises, and 23 projects entered the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, ranking first in all provinces and cities. 45 enterprises were selected into China's top 500 brand values. "Hospitable Shandong people and good made in Shandong" have become two regional brands that complement each other

third, the pace of structural optimization was further accelerated. The output value of high-tech industries increased from 29.1% in 2012 to 33.8% in 2016. Vigorously "replace cages with birds" and overfulfil the task of reducing production capacity of steel and coal for years. Taking the lead in implementing the "industrial green power" plan, the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP in 2016 decreased by 17.1% compared with 2012, and the energy consumption of 10000 yuan added value of industries above designated size decreased by 24.2%

fourth, new drivers of development continue to grow. The development of new industries, new formats and new models was accelerated, and the energy conservation and environmental protection industry achieved a main business income of 630billion yuan, an increase of 80% over 2012; The income from the owner business of information technology manufacturing is nearly trillion yuan, and the income from the software business is 426.5 billion yuan, ranking third and fourth in the country respectively; The integration index of industrialization and industrialization reached 93

fifth, the vitality of mass entrepreneurship and innovation is fully released. More than 4000 provincial innovation projects are implemented every year, and more than 90% of large and medium-sized enterprises have established strategic cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutions. 179 national enterprise technology centers, 9 industrial design centers and 39 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises have been established. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province reached 2.06 million, 2.5 times that of 2012

accelerate the implementation of the major project of converting old and new kinetic energy

in the implementation of the major project of converting old and new kinetic energy, Shandong has always put industry in the first place, focusing on the "four new" elements of new technology, new industry, new business form and new model, promoting the transformation of "four modernizations" of industrial intelligence, intelligent industrialization, cross-border integration and high-end brand, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of traditional industries, increase the scale of emerging industries, and enhance the potential of cross-border integration The "four improvements" development of high-end brand value will create a new Shandong industry with good quality and efficiency, strong innovation ability, excellent industrial structure, deep integration, high brand value, sufficient potential for development, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation

in terms of improving the quality and efficiency of traditional industries and promoting traditional kinetic energy to add new vitality, we should adhere to the new road of industrialization and strive for quality and efficiency in transformation and upgrading. Take three years to carry out a round of high-level technological transformation of Enterprises above the scale of Shandong's leading industries, guide enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation, optimize investment structure and improve investment efficiency. The transformation to R & D design requires quality and efficiency. We will strive to break through the key core technologies that restrict the transformation of new and old driving forces in manufacturing, and promote the transformation of more innovative achievements into real productivity. We need quality and efficiency to release space for advanced production capacity. Actively resolve excess capacity, resolutely eliminate backward capacity, and develop emerging industries, high-end industries, and high-quality capacity

in terms of increasing the scale of emerging industries and accelerating the new improvement of industrial supply capacity, we should support the development and scale of emerging industries with an international vision and strategic thinking, and focus on promoting the growth of strategic emerging industries as pillar industries. With the new generation of information technology, biology, high-end equipment and other seven major industries as the focus, actively cultivate leading and pillar industries, and strive to build a strategic emerging industry development highland in the Bohai Rim region. Adhere to cultivate and expand characteristic emerging industries. Unleash the power of "Internet +", vigorously develop emerging industries with technological advantages and industrial foundation, such as big data, cloud computing, IOT, Beidou navigation, and promote the rapid and large-scale growth of characteristic emerging industries. Accelerate the development of smart industries and future industries. Pay close attention to the trend of scientific and technological progress and industrial reform, vigorously develop industrial design, smart energy, artificial intelligence and other industries, and seize the commanding height of future industrial development

in terms of improving the potential of cross-border integration and gradually forming new advantages of integration and development, we should fully release the power of "interconnection +", accelerate the cross-border integration of industries, tap new economic growth points, and cultivate a number of new industries, new forms and new models. Explore new growth points for the integrated development of manufacturing and service industries; Explore new growth points for the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection; Explore new growth points of industrial and financial integration; Explore new growth points of industry city integration; Explore new growth points of military civilian integration

in terms of improving the level of brand value and striving to create a new industrial image, we should focus on the construction of "strong province of standards", "strong province of quality" and "strong province of brand", polish "time-honored brands", call "big brands", support "growth" brands, speed up the cultivation of well-known independent brands at home and abroad, create "Shandong century old brands", and promote the transformation of brand advantages to value advantages. Strive to consolidate the brand foundation. Strengthen total quality management, vigorously carry forward the "craftsman spirit", improve the quality of products and services, and vigorously promote the increase of varieties, quality and brand creation. Expand the brand influence in an all-round way, focus on building excellent industrial products in Shandong, and expand the influence of "made in Shandong" and "made in Shandong". Vigorously enhance brand value. Guide enterprises to formulate brand strategic planning, build high-quality brands, high-end brands and international brands, and improve the market share and premium ability of brands

accelerating the transformation of new and old drivers is inseparable from the support of high-quality and professional talent teams. The Shandong provincial Party committee and government are vigorously implementing the strategy of strengthening the province with talents and innovation driven development, and have formulated a series of support policies to maximize the vitality of talent innovation and entrepreneurship. Strengthen the support for the training of leading talents in the "Taishan" industry, innovate and implement the action plan for the introduction of "highly skilled and top-notch talents", vigorously protect and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, give play to the exemplary role of entrepreneurs, and strengthen the training of entrepreneurs. Performance characteristics: comprehensively improve the quality of entrepreneurs, cultivate and cultivate excellent entrepreneurs. We will vigorously carry forward the "craftsman spirit", strengthen the training and education of industrial technical workers, and strive to build a grand industrial worker team with ideals and beliefs, understanding technology, innovation, and dedication

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