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Accumulate a little, serve the country "XCMG milling machine national tour landed in Hebei

accumulate a little, serve the country" XCMG milling machine national tour landed in Hebei

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the second half, start

from the first step of Zhejiang tour on May 15 to the end of Jiangsu tour on June 15, XCMG road successfully completed the promotion and publicity activities of key markets in the south in an orderly manner in just one month. Hard work will pay off. As of the beginning of July, the sales volume of XCMG road series milling machines increased significantly year-on-year, and the potential user base is still expanding. According to the careful plan before the tour, the activities of the southern market came to an end, followed by the northern market, which is also the second half

the first stop in the North

create a new place for people to relax recently, XCMG road took XM series milling machines to the north, and came to the first stop of the milling machine tour activity of "building a solid foundation and serving the country through industry" in the North - Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. As before, the event held in Shijiazhuang still reflects the characteristics of not seeking large-scale, but seeking more accurate meetings. 3 for high accuracy; The latter is less than 0 people, all of whom are XCMG's customers and practitioners related to milling machine construction in Hebei. There are few but excellent guests participating in the event, which is the result of the organizer's careful consideration

in the morning of the same day, in the sauna after the rain, accompanied by Zhao Hong, the regional general manager of XCMG Road, Su Gang, the general manager of Hebei Luwei Construction Machinery Trading Co., Ltd., Shi Jiuzhou, the regional director of XCMG Road, and Liu Kun, the guests watched the wonderful demonstration of xm1003 and xm503 milling machines. Zhang Fan, the director of XCMG Road Marketing Company, presided over the equipment demonstration, At the same time, introduce the product details to the guests, and all control parameters and measurement results can be displayed on the large screen LCD in real time to answer questions

during the demonstration, the wonderful performances such as the rapid folding of xm1003's feeding system, the efficient milling of xm503's manhole cover and the slow rotation function of the milling drum were unanimously recognized by the guests. They believed that some unique designs of XCMG milling machine were very suitable for practical application, and the design idea focused on the convenience of operation, which was very conducive to reducing the cost of milling machine operation and improving efficiency

with the increasing maturity of the market, the brand competition is becoming more and more intense, and new products continue to emerge, but ultimately speaking with quality is the last word

many of the guests participating in this event are experts who have been engaged in or concerned about the milling industry for many years and have a deep understanding of market conditions and product characteristics

for example, one has been engaged in the sales of construction machinery for many years before entering the construction industry, and then transferred to earthwork and pavement construction. One has owned 5 pavers and has been in contact with milling machines for 7-8 years. These two guests have been in contact with more than three brands of milling machines. During the exchange, they put forward the same view: "for the milling machine, we first see that we can adjust the initial force to zero reliability only through the zeroing knob (or mouse) of the experimental machine, and then look at the after-sales service. After comprehensive consideration, we can look at the price."

as a well-known milling machine brand in the world, XCMG has always paid attention to product details. The product attitude of excellence and strong production strength are important factors favored by the market. (this article is from XCMG road machinery)

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