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Discuss the general trend of Tao industry and seek future development together! 2021 China (Kunming) building coating application development summit forum was successfully held

discuss the general trend of the industry and seek common future development! 2021 China (Kunming) building coating application development summit forum was successfully held. Coatings,

discuss the general trend of the industry and seek common future development! 2021 China (Kunming) building coating application development summit forum was successfully held

April 21, 2021

sharing the era, and jointly promote the development of the industry. On April 20, 2021, the "2021 China (Kunming) building coating application development summit forum", sponsored by the coating business information and co sponsored by Jiunuo, was grandly held in Wyndham Hotel, Yihao City, Kunming, Yunnan Province

this event is an industry event for stone like paint in the subdivision field of architectural coating, covering nearly 30 excellent stone like paint brands in China. Many industry experts, channel masters, coating craftsmen, enterprise leaders, authoritative media and other nearly 400 people gathered together to brainstorm about the market situation, development trend, enterprise transformation and upgrading of the stone like paint industry and other issues, so as to jointly develop coatings in the future

at the same time, the launch ceremony of "decoration craftsman" was held. Witnessed by the industry and the media, the process of professionalization of decoration craftsman was started, which helped the cultivation of talents in the industry and accelerated the high-quality development of the industry

imitation stone event, looking forward to the future

this forum takes "sharing the era and promoting the development of the industry" as the theme, and comprehensively carries out communication, discussion and cooperation around "the development of imitation stone paint + architectural coating". The imitation stone paint brands participating in this event include Jiunuo, BAOLILAI, jinzhanhong, healthy apple, digital color, Shenzhou dragon, bards, Fang Xiaobao, Haojing, Xerox, Jicai, Cody, Nantian, Chengyu, Tongyi, Yigao, flandi, hongshifang, wall Yinmei, Xinshijie, Yahui, good assistant, Apollo, Mickey, wanfederations, koalas, Nippon, zhanchen, Xiaguang, Waco, Yanshou, Boying Waterproof doctor, Aobei stone art and other head industry brands

gather high-quality products of the industry and gather cutting-edge technologies. Mysterious new exterior wall products, batch coating materials, one-time molding exterior wall coating, a full set of marble paint VR model books... This forum staged a peak duel gathering top brands and boutiques in the industry

industry elites share their feelings with celebrities, focus on pain points according to industry trends, and provide rich content and dry goods for on-site audiences

guest speech

director of waterproof materials professional committee of China Silicate Society/Vice President of waterproof Research Institute of Suzhou Sinoma non Mining Institute/Master's tutor in architecture and civil engineering of Hubei University of Technology/shenchunlin, Professor of Installed Exterior Windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls at Beijing University of architecture and architecture, first delivered a speech. He first briefly reviewed his wonderful life experience and talked about how to enter the painting application industry. Then I talked about the professional skills training of decoration craftsmen, and I think that the professionalization of decoration craftsmen is very important. He pointed out that there were 2million employees in building waterproof coating, 700000 workers in enterprises and 1.3 million coating workers. Most of the painters have not been trained and do not know how to construct well and how to ensure no water leakage. This requires training. The training of waterproof and painting is of far-reaching and great significance

Wang Zhipeng, vice president of China Coating Industry Association and chairman of Jiangsu Jiunuo Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., said in his speech that with the national "double cycle", "carbon neutralization", "new infrastructure", "Rural Revitalization" and other policies, the construction coating industry has ushered in a phenomenal NEW blue ocean. He called on his colleagues to actively offer suggestions for the industry, discuss and formulate practical price standards and service standards together, and build a moat for the coating industry. It is urgent for enterprises, management departments, design units and law enforcement departments at all levels to adhere to the original intention, make good products, and jointly promote how to identify qualified polyurethane insulation materials through orderly competition

At the meeting, Zhong Zhou, general manager of BAOLILAI Paint Technology Co., Ltd., said that in recent years, with the addition of excellent exterior wall building materials such as single family houses and villas, stone like paint, architectural aesthetics began to be gradually reflected in today's Chinese housing to meet the people's pursuit of beauty. The decoration and product performance of stone like paint are the best choice among all exterior wall coatings. He stressed that as a manufacturer, it is very easy for dealers to make imitation stone paint

expert keynote speech

Meng Yu, chairman of architectural coating branch of China paint industry association and chairman of Shanghai ashitong Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., shared the "survival road of coating companies in the information age". Through data analysis, he concluded that the profits of the coating industry were very meager and almost lost the value of investment. In view of the production situation of the coating industry, he put forward seven findings: first, the traditional decoration engineering, the traditional organization mode has lost value from the perspective of investment, and the track must be changed; Second, the most promising direction in the future is digitalization, assembler and partner system; Third, distribution on demand and transparent rules; Fourth, the future business will establish a shared background; Fifth, the mainstream business is not decided by people, but by algorithms; Sixth, services will become commodities; Seventh, digitalization is the driving force

In this regard,

Liao Shulin, chief tutor of Chinese digital retail students and Alipay 2 of Taobao University of Alibaba group, is a university certified lecturer with strong data processing functions, shared his thoughts in the field of "physical retail digital marketing". He pointed out that the new business transformation in the digital era must first focus on the relationship behind it. Under deterministic demand, our operating efficiency is easy to improve, but under uncertain demand, our operating efficiency is often ups and downs. He said that if we want to make corresponding changes and improvements in the digital industry and the digital era, we will eventually focus on four dimensions: reducing customer costs, saving customer time, the application of system management and the improvement of efficiency value. Based on the existing business model, the relationship reconstruction is carried out, and the strategy of digital new business relationship reconstruction is put forward, which is of great guiding significance

the expert's speech is rich in content, novel in perspective, and full of highlights. It not only analyzes the market development prospects, understands the dynamics of the whole industrial chain, but also finds out the positioning for businesses, opens up resource information channels, and makes resource matching more accurate

start of decoration craftsman project: promote the professionalization of coating workers

start of the "decoration craftsman" project is the biggest highlight of this forum. Pan Shaojie, the head of the decoration craftsman project of the training center of the China Building Materials Federation and the National Institute of building materials industry technical information, first explained the national policy documents on decoration craftsman, and then awarded the plaque of "China decoration craftsman operation center" to the "painting business information". The "painting business information" has full authority to operate the standardized training, textual research and other integrated projects of Chinese decoration craftsman, Opened the process of professionalization of decoration craftsmen

for this reason, Europe and the United States, the chairman of "painting business information", delivered a keynote speech on "carrying forward the spirit of great country craftsmen and injecting construction technical talents into the industry". She first analyzed the current situation of decoration craftsmen - lack of professionalism, no standardized technical personnel - and pointed out the importance and urgency of modern vocational education for decoration craftsmen. She believed that the industry qualification certification of "decoration craftsmen" was imperative, and the standardization of employment with certificates and the integration of training and examination were the general trend

she said that the "painting business information" is deeply significant. It will take "learning technology and being a craftsman" as its mission, cooperate with leading departments at all levels, and perform the functions of "guidance and guidance, coordination and organization, demonstration and service" through system planning and design, so as to establish a perfect construction talent training and talent evaluation system for national departments in the building materials industry

before that, the painting business information held a signing ceremony with the representatives of the training center of China Building Materials Federation on the painting training certification project for decoration artisans

Mr. Ou said that next, "painting business information" will work with enterprises to jointly formulate relevant painting technical standards in combination with the characteristics of the industry, build a question bank, train professional evaluators, promote through skill competitions, attract more people to participate, and issue grade certificates to students who pass the examination through theoretical and practical examinations

painting the reception hall: views change dramatically, sharp confrontation

this is one of the most exciting links of this forum. What is the future development trend of exterior wall stone like paint industry? How to improve market competitiveness? What are the key elements of profitability? In the future integration of the industry, which enterprises can stay? These questions of common concern have wonderful answers in this round of links

Shi Liang, specially invited consultant of painting business information media and director of imitation stone art paint business department of Guangdong bards Chemical Co., Ltd; Wang Zhipeng, vice president of China Coating Industry Association and chairman of Jiangsu Jiunuo Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd; Zhong Zhou, chairman of Guangdong BAOLILAI Coating Technology Co., Ltd; Ye Bangjun, executive director of Guangdong Shicai Coating Technology Co., Ltd; Guan Libo, general manager of Heilongjiang yarsen Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., and five industry heavyweight guests attended the dialogue, and their views changed sharply and clashed sharply around the topic "opportunities and challenges of exterior wall stone like paint". From market prospects, customer needs to market competition and future prospects, the guests made a detailed discussion and analysis, which provided us, especially the dealers, with very good thinking and reference for the industry, and the dry goods are full

Jinshang share

Qi Xiaolin, general manager of BAOLILAI Yunnan branch, shared his valuable experience with you with the topic of "how to do a good job of imitation stone paint". He said that in 2010, he entered the coating industry by chance. At the beginning, he just intuitively thought that the coating industry could make money without thinking too much. If someone asks me today whether imitation stone paint is worth doing, from my personal experience, when I want to decide whether to do something, I should first measure whether it is worth doing and whether it has prospects. He pointed out that there are 41636 villages and towns in China, with 2billion square meters of rural self built houses, and 100million square meters of self built houses need to be renovated every year. Coupled with the favorable policies issued by the state to revitalize the countryside, there are more than 100000 new self built houses every year. The stone like paint industry is growing at an annual rate of 30%. If you include the renovation of the outer walls of commercial housing, the whole market scale will be trillions. Therefore, the stone like paint industry is very promising

zhangfuqiong, general manager of digital color Guizhou branch, shared her story of how to counter attack from traditional dealers. She said that in these years, she had missed one tuyere after another and once lost more than 200000 yuan. Now we finally catch up with the imitation stone paint. She believes that the best era of paint has come. At the same time, she pointed out that the competition in any market will change from "warlord scuffle" to "Three Kingdoms confrontation", and the last one will be the king. Today, the imitation stone paint is still in the period of "warlord scuffle". As a traditional dealer, how should we grasp the market and as a traditional production enterprise, how should we grasp the dealer are all worth thinking about

in addition, the conference also held enterprise roadshows, manufacturer exchanges, Jiunuo product show - 2021 stone like paint strategy release. Everyone showed their own products and brands, exchanged and learned, exchanged what they needed, sought cooperation, and had fun

enterprise roadshow

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