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Industry trends: Qingdao integrated circuit platform launched projects such as controller chips. Since the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform was launched last year, "building a platform and building a platform" has become a common voice of the district and municipal science and technology departments. They said: "building a platform has caught the nose of the work and solved the common problems of innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises."

according to the relevant person of Qingdao science and Technology Bureau, relying on the district and city to build an innovation platform aims to optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources, reduce innovation costs and improve innovation efficiency. According to relevant plans, on the basis of building a municipal comprehensive innovation service platform, the city encourages 12 districts and cities to establish various scientific and technological innovation service platforms according to actual conditions and their own characteristics

in Shinan, by vigorously cultivating the mode of "platform + Incubator + industrial base", digital animation and integrated circuit platforms have been listed and played a role, becoming the backing of technological innovation of many digital animation enterprises. In the integrated circuit design industrialization platform, Bojing microelectronics has overcome the technical difficulties such as flow marks and fusion wiring, and new rubber core technology, University soft control and other enterprises have launched more than 10 projects such as controller chips and RFID tire identification chips. The "Anxin" project, the first SOC chip with independent intellectual property rights in our province, is progressing smoothly, while the "animation building" separated from the first floor, has invested nearly 8million Covering an area of 1000 square meters, digital animation has entered the stage of mass production and market implementation. The platform has attracted more than 20 enterprises, including Xingdong digital, Gaolu animation, black ant and four-dimensional space

it is reported that the construction of Qingdao's scientific and technological innovation platform will follow the "1 rigid rigid rigid body will help to achieve the accuracy of always 1 2+1" model. In view of the development characteristics of industrial clusters in various districts and cities, and follow the peak of the idea of "government led, market operation", it is planned to formulate and issue the "Qingdao measures for the construction and management of scientific and technological innovation service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises" within this year. At present, the first six platforms of Shinan integrated circuit design, Sifang rubber chemical industry, Licang fine chemical industry, Chengyang new materials, Jiaonan textile machinery and Laixi food processing have been officially put into operation. The second batch of four district and municipal innovation service platforms have passed expert argumentation and will be intensively constructed this year

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