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machine information '' compilation: 241gb/t three legged centrifugal machine type and basic parameters three column centrifuges -- typesandbasicparameters

242gb/t miniature reciprocating piston air compressor recombiningpistonmicroaircompressor

243gb/t water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor test methods for water ring vacuum pumps and compressors

244gb/t water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor gas Measurement methods of volumeflowofgasofwater ringvacuumpandcompressor

245gb/T performance test methods of electrostatic precipitators

246gb/T small tubular fan miniaturecross flowfan

247gb/T technical conditions of plane steel gate specificationforhydraulicflatsteeltgates

248gb liquefied gas cylinder filling regulations Ru convenient operation fillingo Fliquefiedgascylinders

249gb permanent gas cylinder filling regulations rulesforfillingofpermanentgassylinders

250gb/t general purpose bridge crane generalpurposeoverheadcranes

251gb/t general purpose gantry crane generalpurposegantrycranes

252gb/t general purpose bridge and gantry crane cab technical conditions specificationforcabinsoverheadtraveling cranes and portalbridge cranes for general purposes

253gb/t14521 Transportation will also give the extruder industry endless development power. Terms of transportation machinery -- types of transportation machinery

254gb/t14521 Terms of transportation machinery -- main parameters

255gb/t14521 Transportation machinery terminology devices and parts termsofconve synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber replacement import work has been incorporated into the product structure adjustment, taking into account the regulation yingmachinery--unitandcomponentparts

256gb/t14521 Terms of transportation machinery -- belt conveyor termsofconveyingmachine -- beltconveyor

257gb/t14521 Terms of transportation machinery -- enmassecondary

258gb/t14521 Terms of transportation machinery -- slatconveyor

259gb/t14521 Terms of transportation machinery -- screw conveyor

260gb/t14521 Terms of transportation machinery -- fluidconveyor

261gb/t14521 Terms of transportation machinery -- elevator

262gb/t straight arched metal bursting disc type and parameters specificationandtypeforconventionaldometallicburstin slightly raise the import cost of wood pulp gdiscs

263gb/t reverse arched metal bursting disc type and parameters specificationandtypeforreversedometallicburstingdisc

264gb/T slotted metal bursting disc type and parameters specificationandtypeforslotted Etallicburstingdiscs

265gb/t large hydraulic hoist heavy&nbs

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