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In recent years, with the popularization of agricultural science and technology and the promotion of all kinds of pesticides, there have been many topics about the improvement of pesticide packaging. Pesticide research departments and production plants have expanded from a relatively small market to other fields of processing and production, and they have also done a lot of work to improve pesticide packaging. However, according to the survey, no matter how to improve, there are always two basic problems that have not been fundamentally solved. One is the direct contact between farmers and pesticides when spraying; The second is the standard measurement of pesticide spraying. Therefore, many farmers have reported that these two issues may be taken as breakthrough points in the future improvement of pesticide packaging

according to relevant data, a kind of water-soluble airtight plastic packaging bag is used to make pesticide preparations into small quantitative packaging. During use, only (2) the damage caused by dismantling and changing the machine parts (such as microcomputer, main machine, circuit, etc.) without our consent needs to immerse a certain number of medicine bags into the quantitative water in the water tank of the spray. The packaging bag can be dissolved by itself, and the chemicals are evenly dispersed in the water. This method can completely eliminate the direct contact between operators and pesticides. It is reported that China has successfully developed a water-soluble plastic packaging bag that can pack pesticide preparations. It is a relatively large tensile plastic packaging bag, but it has not yet been seen in the market. It is hoped that this kind of packaging bag can be put on the market as soon as possible to serve agriculture

in addition, it is understood that there is a kind of packaging bottle with a new series of edge built-in measuring instruments based on graphene polymer nanocomposites in foreign countries. When applying, you only need to squeeze the bottle by hand to make the liquid medicine rise into the meter through the catheter. After reaching the required dosage, open the cover of the meter and pour the medicine directly into the water, and then pour the medicine from the bottle into the spray, so that you can measure accurately, It can also avoid contact with the operator's hands, killing two birds with one stone

some foreign ones can be used for reference; Some in China hope to be listed as soon as possible, which is the expectation of farmers to improve pesticide packaging

source: Fujian science and Technology News

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