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Editor's note: with the continuous development of computers, the continuous improvement of computing power and the continuous decline of computing costs, many customers in the fast printing, design and film output industries have gradually changed from submitting requirements through physical media to submitting requirements through electronic means, so as to reduce waiting time and reduce communication due to its special structure and multiple functions

user status:

1 Transfer documents with customers through, MSN, toll mailbox, network hard disk or special person to pick up and deliver them on site

2. Using the existing FTP software, the files transmitted by the customer are often unable to be opened, and the file transmission is unstable

3. The rented output system is slow to upload files, and even cannot log in, resulting in customer complaints and loss of customers

4. Rent the host and network hosting, worry about file security, and the network space is small, so it cannot be maintained in time

5. Customer order management is chaotic, there is no special management system, and the work efficiency is low, which is easy to cause work mistakes

6. The internal network of the company cannot be effectively monitored, and the headquarters and branches cannot safely connect the plastic granulator, which is also a major energy consumer in China

user requirements:

1 It is required to ensure fast transmission of large capacity data, enable different customers (different line suppliers, different regions) to submit data files quickly, and the transmission system is very stable

2. Customers can find the most suitable business processing department, and enterprises can face customers with a unified image and unified interface, increasing the influence of the model selection image of Jinan testing machine factory

3. Prevent downtime during peak transmission periods

4. Personalized business processing interface for important customers

5. It can ensure the security of data and ensure that user data is not plagiarized or lost

6. It can make the company staff of different points and departments communicate more effectively and quickly

7. Be able to adapt to different Internet lines

8. It can be as easy to use as and as TV, without special maintenance, and can automatically recover from failure

9. It can respond to an online order in time, and can receive an order even without a computer (advanced function)

network structure diagram:

Figure 1

scheme features:

1 The system is safe, stable and fast in network transmission

2. The system automatically selects the file path submitted by customers to improve work efficiency and reduce customer waiting time

3. Unified corporate image and external interface bring convenience to customers

4. Provide customization operations for important customer business interfaces, making it possible to provide differentiated services for key customers

5. Enterprise level communication platform can reduce internal communication costs by more than 70%

6. Application system interconnection to improve the overall work efficiency of the company

7. The headquarters realizes the sharing of file information resources with branches and mobile users

8. The enterprise's boss or mobile office staff can access the internal local area of the enterprise at any time when they are on business trips

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