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This paper focuses on the analysis of the current situation of Yunnan tobacco packaging, and points out the improvement countermeasures combined with the characteristics and development of "two cigarettes"

"two cigarettes" account for more than 60% of the fiscal revenue of Yunnan Province, and what about the packaging of "two cigarettes"

"two cigarettes" packaging has been greatly improved in recent ten years. The laudatory name of "tobacco kingdom" and the formation of the advantage of "two cigarettes" cannot be said to have nothing to do with it. In the past, flue-cured tobacco with an annual output of millions of loads was packed with straw mats for domestic transportation. Due to the long transportation distance, many circulation links, poor storage and transportation conditions, as well as the influence of climate, moisture, deterioration, dry crushing and other phenomena occur from time to time. Export tobacco packed in wooden barrels can reduce the above effects to a certain extent, but the shortage of wood and the low utilization rate of wagons also cause a lot of waste. After improving the packaging, straw mat and barrel packaging were replaced by hemp sheet, carton and wood plywood packaging, so that the loss rate was reduced from about 4% to 1%, and the loss rate of cigarette boxes was reduced from the original 6% to 1.2%. The packaging loss, saving and income increase totaled 127.1203 million yuan

current situation of "two cigarettes" packaging in our province

although some achievements have been made in packaging improvement, the packaging loss has not been reduced to the minimum. According to incomplete statistics, in 1996, our province lost 29.7626 million yuan in cigarette packaging and 35.8974 million yuan in flue-cured tobacco packaging, with a total of 65.66 million yuan (including losses in management, procurement, storage, transportation, claims, etc.)

cigarette packaging

a cigarette, from cut tobacco to cigarettes, then to small packaging, strip boxes, and even cartons, needs to be wrapped with 5-13 layers of packaging materials (tray paper, molding paper, tipping paper, aluminum foil paper, trademark, sealing label, small package transparent paper, gold wire, strip box, oil seal, plastic bag, carton adhesive tape, woven tape) to become a commodity, and is sold at a price 13-23 times higher than its value

however, some enterprises in Yunnan do not see the special role of packaging materials and think it is unnecessary to make an article on a few pieces of paper. Jinan cigarette factory in Shandong believes that packaging materials are closely related to cigarette sales. In terms of cost accounting, they set the ratio of the total cost of packaging materials to cigarette raw materials as 3:7, that is, in the sales of a cigarette, 30% of the packaging cost is worth it. Most of the cigarettes in our province are transferred to other places. After the products leave the factory, there are many circulation links. If the carton quality is not good, it will be damaged during transportation, resulting in cigarette loss, moisture, pressure, deformation and other losses

for this reason, we formulated the Yunnan provincial local standard db53/td52-1995 cigarette corrugated box, which gradually increased the qualified rate of cigarette boxes in our province from 14.4% before 1994 to 33.3% in 1995, 64% in 1996, and now 83.6%

however, some cartons still have the following quality problems:

first, the moisture content of cartons is too high. At present, cartons in our province come from 16 manufacturers. From the perspective of scale and production equipment, there are township enterprises with simple conditions, which are similar to small workshops; There are large-scale state-owned enterprises that have introduced foreign production equipment; There are also cigarette factories' own carton workshops and small carton factories run by service companies. According to the test, the moisture content of 16% of the cartons produced by carton factories basically meets the standard requirements, and the moisture content of cartons in other factories fluctuates too much, 8%, 20%, or even as high as 23%. When the moisture content of the carton exceeds one percentage point, the strength decreases by ten percentage points. Such cartons are not so much used to protect products as potential killers causing product mildew and damage

second, the mechanical properties of cartons can not meet the requirements. In the survey, it is found that 10% of cartons have poor compressive strength and impact strength. Among them, especially the edge pressure strength is poor, mainly because the strength of corrugated base paper can not meet the requirements

III. The process requirements are not strict, and the bonding strength is poor. In order to avoid the loose phenomenon of the test piece in the process of the experiment, there are fewer nails on the box, the nail joint is not firm enough, and the strength is not enough when the cigarette box is bonded

other cigarette accessories

some of our enterprises do not strictly control the quality of packaging materials when purchasing, and the prices of the purchased goods are inconsistent, often offering high prices and buying inferior goods. For example, when buying cigarette tray paper, the price is paid according to general hemp, but the goods are wood fiber or mixed with a little hemp fiber. Some enterprises do not master the standard of packaging materials for residence, and the gram weight of paper is generally super high. According to the national standard, the weight of cigarette paper is 25 ± 1.2g/M2 . After testing, the gram weight of paper used in our province is about 28 g/m2. Seriously exceeding the upper limit of the national standard. This phenomenon exists in white cardboard, trademark paper, tipping paper and aluminum paper

in other indicators, such as whiteness, tightness, appearance, strength and so on, there are also problems that can not meet the standard. Moreover, there are many problems in the printing of cigarette trademarks. For example, in bar code printing, there are ultra wide black bars and deformed lines; There are some phenomena in appearance quality, such as not thick ink, inaccurate die cutting and overprinting, as well as dirty version, missing points, burrs, virtual shadows, etc

flue cured tobacco packaging

flue cured tobacco packaging in our province is divided into three categories: carton, hemp sheet and wood plywood

carton packaging is mainly used for exporting and transferring flue-cured tobacco outside the province. Due to the implementation of the "cigarette corrugated box" standard, the damage rate is significantly reduced. However, some enterprises are still using the non-standard boxes produced by carton factories outside the province. Because they do not implement the standards stipulated by our province, the quality is poor and the price is high. When using the high-cost packaging boxes, the enterprises cannot guarantee the quality of tobacco leaves and have to turn over the warehouse and change the boxes, otherwise they cannot bear the pressure of storing 200 kg of tobacco leaves for 1-2 years

hemp flakes are used in the transportation and storage of some externally transferred flue-cured tobacco and low-grade tobacco leaves. In recent years, due to the fact that the majority of hemp sheet production enterprises use blending, foamed products with a wide range of hardness can be made, and more chemical fibers can be added to reduce the cost, so as to achieve higher benefits of typical products, such as pump impellers, fan blades, valve seats, bushings, bearings, various instrument panels, automotive electrical instruments, cold and hot air conditioning valves and other parts. As the chemical fiber hemp sheet is easy to generate static electricity, it is easy to catch fire under high temperature and humidity conditions. According to incomplete statistics, from 1992 to 1997, the electrostatic fire of hemp chips during transportation (in containers) has occurred 14 times, with a direct economic loss of 2.09 million yuan, because it costs thousands of yuan to buy plastic bags every year for transporting one stall

wood plywood packaging is mainly used for tobacco leaves used internally by the enterprise. The advantages are: easy recovery and low cost. The disadvantages are: high crushing rate, and the smoke near the board is easy to mildew. According to the survey, the crushing rate of wood plywood packaging is up to 4%, that is to say, 2 kilograms of tobacco leaves in a load of tobacco leaf cloud are broken and cannot be used. Moreover, during the natural fermentation and storage of tobacco leaves for 1-2 years, the leaves close to the wood are moldy and deteriorated due to insufficient air permeability

countermeasure thinking packaging

improvement should be studied and improved from the perspective of the characteristics and development of "two cigarettes" in our province, so as to meet the packaging requirements of "science, economy, firmness, beauty and marketability". Of course, tobacco is state monopoly, so we should be cautious about improving packaging. However, it is not difficult to see from the example of improving the packaging that it is feasible to reasonably improve the "two cigarettes" packaging. For example, the development of series products carried out by cigarette factories at present is to improve the internal process and update the appearance packaging on the basis of the original brand, so as to make the old brand to a higher level and obtain new economic benefits. Such as "cloud smoke", "Camellia", "red plum", "osmanthus", etc


doing a good job in packaging plays an extremely important role in developing the cause of "two cigarettes" and commodity production in our province. On the one hand, we should educate the majority of employees, carry forward the spirit of ownership, overcome waste, develop the good habit of saving every seal, every trademark, every plate of paper, and every piece of hemp, and establish a good atmosphere of saving glory and waste shame. On the other hand, we should strengthen the leadership of packaging work and improve the organization of packaging. Production enterprises, especially large-scale enterprises, must allocate special personnel to engage in packaging research, design and daily packaging improvement, gradually improve various management systems of packaging work, make clear rewards and penalties, and implement packaging work to relevant departments, workshops, teams, machines and even individuals, so as to gradually form a good situation for everyone to grasp packaging work

source: Wen Chaoying of China's packaging industry

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