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The current situation and trend of China's metal packaging industry (1)

I. overview of industry development

after 23 years of reform and opening up, metal packaging has formed a complete metal packaging industry system including iron printing cans, two-piece cans, steel drums, bottle caps, and aerosol cans, and has become one of the important categories of China's packaging industry. Its main products can be divided into: printed iron products (cans, boxes), cans (including aluminum two-piece cans, steel two-piece cans, tinplate three piece cans), aerosol cans (tinplate made of exquisite pharmaceutical cans, pesticide cans, cosmetic cans, industrial and household care cans) Food cans (all kinds of cans containing liquid and solid beverages, candy, milk powder, tobacco and alcohol food cans, etc.) and all kinds of bottle caps (tinplate crown cap, unscrew cap, aluminum anti-theft electron beam cap, finger pressure safety cap, aluminum easy pull cap, tinplate large opening easy pull cap). There are also liter chemical barrels made of tinplate and liter steel barrels made of cold rolled sheet and zinc sheet. Metal packaging products are abundant and have a wide range of applications

metal packaging is an important part of China's urban industry. It has become an irreplaceable traditional packaging method because of its unique reinforcement, sealing and preservation, and the charm of metal packaging. Its output value accounts for about 10% of the total output value of China's packaging industry, mainly providing supporting services for food, canned goods, beverages, fats, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, export gift packaging and other industries

after the establishment of China Packaging Technology Association in 1980, the metal container committee was established in 1981 to carry out a series of work such as industrial information exchange and technical training, which effectively promoted the development of the metal packaging industry. In the early 1990s, the metal packaging industry entered a high-speed development with the reform and opening up. During this period, is it easy for national metal packaging enterprises to realize? It has reached more than 700, and packaging enterprises in the United States, Japan, South Korea, as well as enterprises in Taiwan and Hong Kong have entered the field of metal packaging. In 1998, the number of registered enterprises soared to 1280. According to incomplete statistics, the total output of metal packaging in China reached 1.7 million tons in 2000, with a total output value of 17.6 billion yuan. In 2002, the total output was 1.8 million tons (including steel barrels), and the total industrial output value was 19.4 billion yuan. The rapid development in the 1990s also brought blind investment and repeated construction. In the past three years, due to macro imbalance. With the introduction of low-level repeated investment, the general popular products of metal packaging have a serious excess capacity, the fight for low prices has intensified, and the industry profits have shrunk. Shanghai jiaduobao, Guangzhou Meite and Tianjin Meite have been closed successively. The three piece cans of American Bohr group have withdrawn from the Chinese market, and the industry development once entered a downturn. Since last year, metal packaging has recovered again, and a number of strong leading enterprises with an annual production and sales scale of more than 100 million yuan, or even more than 500 million yuan, have begun to gradually embark on the path of healthy development

the only organization in China's metal packaging industry is the metal packaging professional committee under the China Packaging Technology Association. The Committee has five branches, including iron printing can making, can making, lid making, aerosol can, two piece can, etc. the five branches carry out activities in their respective industries and publish periodicals such as metal packaging and steel barrel

II. Market scale and structure

①. The total amount and scale of China's metal packaging market

from the above two aspects of output and output value, the overall market scale of metal packaging products experienced a temporary decline in the middle and late 1990s, and then achieved stable growth. The entire market capacity increased with the growth of the national economy, the improvement of living standards, and the increasingly mature development of metal packaging technology

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