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The current situation and situation of plastic flexible packaging (III)

III. The situation faced by plastic flexible packaging

the materials of plastic flexible packaging are basically base materials processed from by-products after oil refining. Such as BOPP, CPP, CPE, LDPE, pet, PP, NY, toluene, ink, glue, etc. All these materials are closely related to oil. Among the value proportion of plastic flexible packaging products, the material cost accounts for 80% of the total cost and about 60% of the sales, so the oil price directly affects the cost of plastic flexible packaging

1. factors affecting the change of oil market price

the world oil market price changes periodically with the fluctuation of the world economy, and oil is also a barometer of the world economy. There are three main factors affecting the price change of the oil market:

① political factors

changes in the political situation in the world can directly affect the price of oil. For example, in the 2004 U.S. presidential election, with the change of support rate before President Bush's re-election, oil prices sometimes rose and sometimes fell; 4. Thermocouple scanning device oil rose to $51/barrel immediately after Bush was re elected

② war factors

a war, especially the war in the concentration of oil producing countries, is extremely sensitive to the price performance of the world oil market. For example, the Gulf War in 1990 pushed oil to $30/barrel; The surge in oil prices in the past two years is closely related to the Iraq war

③ factors of cyclical changes in the world economy

a. the world economic growth slows down, the global consumption level is low, and the demand for oil will slow down relatively

b.the outbreak of the Asian financial crisis in 1997 led to a major blow to the economies of Asian countries, when the oil price fell to $10/barrel

c. the operation of international idle hot money has led to soaring oil prices. For example, in September 2000, the highest price of 37 dollars/barrel in the past decade was set

2. The impact of rising oil prices on the plastic flexible packaging industry

the continuous rise in oil prices has led to an overall rise in the price of petrochemical products. The raw and auxiliary materials of plastic flexible packaging products are basically made of petrochemical raw materials as the base material. The rising price of the base material has led to a sharp rise in the cost of the plastic flexible packaging industry, which is generally difficult to operate

① at present, the investment scale of various manufacturers in the plastic flexible packaging industry is different, the distribution is very scattered, and the industry coordination ability is poor. Facing the upstream raw material manufacturers, they are at a disadvantage in the negotiation of purchasing raw materials and cannot get preferential conditions for batch procurement; In the case of rising raw materials and fierce competition among industries, the whole industry is in a very disadvantageous position because downstream customers cannot effectively transfer the pressure of rising costs by raising prices

② with the continuous low macroeconomic environment and vicious competition in the industry, we have developed a new change experimental machine - microcomputer controlled bolt tension and torsion experimental machine, which is even worse for the flexible packaging industry. With the sluggish consumer demand for several years, for the flexible packaging industry with relatively excess production capacity, manufacturers are fighting a price war to win orders, resulting in the following situations: the cost of materials is getting higher and higher, while the sales price is getting lower and lower, the marginal profit of the industry is decreasing, and the profitability of the industry is greatly reduced

3. countermeasures that the plastic flexible packaging industry should take in the face of difficulties

the plastic flexible packaging industry has been in a dilemma for several years, competing and bargaining with each other, which has greatly damaged the vitality of enterprises in the industry and lacks the driving force for sustainable development, which will lead to a serious shortage of investment in equipment transformation and technological innovation. In the process of business expansion, when the sensor is under the effect of pull P, in the face of the pressure of competition, regardless of the actual conditions, it expands the amount of arrears to downstream customers without principle, resulting in a large number of funds that cannot be recovered and become bad debts and bad debts

after the cruel baptism of the market, most enterprises in the industry have awakened, and have formulated new business strategies, viewing difficulties as opportunities and challenges, in order to meet the arrival of the next round of economic climax

① the rise of oil price indicates the recovery of demand and economic growth. After hard adjustment, the world economy and Asian economy have recovered the momentum of rapid growth, which will promote economic growth driven by strong demand

② in recent years, under difficult conditions, enterprises in the industry have updated equipment, increased investment in technology development, and continuously increased research and development and investment in new products, so that the added value of flexible packaging products has been greatly improved

③ the magnitude, duration and wide impact of the rise in the price of petrochemical products have been known by all walks of life, providing favorable conditions for the flexible packaging industry to digest the cost pressure by raising the price of downstream customers

④ China's accession to the WTO has provided huge development opportunities and challenges for the plastic flexible packaging industry. The investment of a large number of multinational companies in China has provided a broad space for the demand for flexible packaging products, and the requirements for quality and packaging grade have also stimulated the development of the plastic flexible packaging industry. The rise of world oil prices poses both challenges and opportunities for China's plastic flexible packaging industry. Relatively speaking, due to the success of the second policy to stimulate domestic demand in China, opportunities will outweigh challenges for the flexible packaging industry. We believe that the second spring of the development of the flexible packaging industry will come again. □

information source: Guangdong packaging

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