2014 China Automation Annual Conference

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On February 26th, 2014, the 2014 China Automation Annual Conference (the 10th China automation market seminar, the 12th Annual automation selection and award ceremony) hosted by gongkong and Zhongguancun advanced manufacturing industry technology alliance was held in Beijing. It has been ten years since this annual meeting. The theme of this annual meeting is to see the upgrading of manufacturing industry and the emergence of automation. The development analysis of China's automation market will be comprehensively analyzed from the three sections of automation market development, management innovation and business innovation

the 12th Annual automation selection of gongkong kicked off again. As the selection with the longest history, the widest audience, the most open process and the most fair results in China's industrial automation industry, the 2013 automation annual selection focuses on the innovation of industrial control automation manufacturers in products, applications, services, management, investment and other aspects, as well as the experience of industrial users on product quality and service quality, and continues to witness the annual trend of China's automation industry and automation applications

gongkong automation annual selection has been 11 years. Although the winning works in each selection are different, gongkong has been consistent in the past 11 years with the spirit of fairness and impartiality, expert authority and rigorous evaluation. Therefore, the annual selection of gongkong automation, which is not affected by the draft and profit-making environment, can be regarded as a benchmark in the media field of China's industrial control and automation industry, and its selection results over the years have also become a recognized chronicle in the industry. The 12th annual selection and award ceremony of automation in 2013 will be grandly announced in Beijing on February 26th, 2014. At that time, in addition to requiring a certain accuracy in gongkong's design, the twelve award-winning awards will be presented

1, annual CEO award

2, business innovation award

3, women's Achievement Award (New)

4, cutting-edge manager award

5, hot spot award

6, innovative product award

7, Model Engineering Award

8, service innovation award

9, cutting-edge enterprise award

10, best employer award

11, quality satisfaction Award (New).Purchase experimental machines

12, service satisfaction Award (New)

2013, in steady growth, structural adjustment Under the policy of promoting reform, China's economy has successfully made a soft landing and gradually recovered. Affected by this, China's automation market has also stabilized from a staggering downward slide. The so-called wind does not end, rain does not end. With the gradual deepening of industrial restructuring and demand driven, the market pattern of automation has gradually tended to a new balance. The automation market in 2013 bid farewell to the sharp ups and downs of the past few years, and the trend was relatively stable, maintaining a slight growth throughout the year

from the perspective of the industry market, the automation demand of metallurgy, papermaking, mining and other industries that are still mired in the mire of overcapacity, as well as machine tools, construction machinery, transportation and other industries that are dragged down by the sluggish downstream and export demand, continued to remain depressed in 2013. While industries related to people's livelihood consumption and energy strategy, such as petrochemical, chemical, electric power, municipal, elevator, packaging, as well as logistics, electronics and other industries' automation demand caused by left shift e-commerce and intelligent terminals, performed well. From the perspective of the change rate of the industry market, the shock range of the main industry market has narrowed, which shows that the automation demand of various industries is tending to be stable

from the perspective of demand structure, energy conservation and environmental protection, production optimization, information upgrading, etc. have changed from policy driven to normal demand, and have become one of the main driving forces for the growth of the automation market. Automation technology and solutions have also become an important force for the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and energy conservation and consumption reduction. Therefore, in the gradual improvement of the new industrial economic structure, and in the deepening trend of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, automation is gradually completing its new positioning, from driving capacity expansion to driving quality development. Only in this way, automation will evolve from investment to competitiveness, thus gaining new life

from the perspective of industrial development, in the face of the growing maturity of the market and the change in demand, automation enterprises are also constantly innovating in business management and business models, from product innovation to system integration, from automation application marketing to upgrading solution marketing, from channel optimization and layout to e-commerce water testing, from short-term organizational structure adjustment to long-term investment mergers and acquisitions, industrial chain alliances, etc. the automation industry is being built inside and formed outside, Integrate into the new economic pattern

this annual meeting will provide participants with public welfare platform services from the aspects of market development, demand changes and business management innovation. CAMRS, which has reached the end of the decade, will present a new automation market demand and development pattern based on the operation analysis of the automation market in 2013. At the same time, the annual meeting will also focus on the demand and policy trend, discuss the operation and management innovation of automation, hold the automation CEO Forum and e-commerce forum, and establish an advanced manufacturing technology alliance to comprehensively help the new development strategy of automation enterprises and promote the new development of the automation industry. In addition, the annual selection and award dinner will officially award awards to enterprises, people and business innovation in 2013, witnessing the development process of the automation industry in the new era. A series of theme conferences held for this purpose include:

the second China automation users' annual conference

more than 100 expert users from various industries, combined with their own needs, for the development needs of users' enterprises, high-end equipment manufacturing needs, user needs and automation solutions, and comment on innovative products, model projects and other services, comment services

the second IAAT annual meeting and automation education forum

invited to join colleges and vocational colleges, cooperative automation suppliers, manufacturing enterprises, and leaders of the Ministry of education to discuss IAAT training system, training needs of higher vocational colleges, application design competition and other topics

the first China Automation CEO Forum

from the leading enterprise managers in the automation industry, the establishment of CEO clubs, annual activity plans, enterprise strategy discussion under the background of market rebalancing and other topics

annual meeting of advanced manufacturing technology alliance

from leaders of Zhongguancun Management Committee and representatives of Zhongguancun advanced manufacturing technology enterprises, the establishment and annual work plan of the alliance, the connection between the alliance and the needs of the industrial park and other topics

gongkongebn annual meeting and e-commerce forum

to discuss the development path of industrial e-commerce under the new trend in automation brand enterprises and local product distributors, including channel mode analysis, alliance e-commerce cooperation strategy, and Discussion on the development trend of industrial e-commerce

gongkong big data marketing

will focus on user behavior demand analysis, intelligent marketing based on behavior data, and big data demand mining

the 12th annual selection and award dinner

awards the annual awards for the innovation of sustainable and developing automation enterprises in the manufacturing industry in 2013, receives the awards for award-winning enterprises and executives, and socializes with CEO club members

meeting agenda:

camrs venue (conference room 1)

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