The wonderful use of the most popular printing ink

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The wonderful use of printing ink roller

the ink roller of printing machine is divided into two types: uniform ink roller and string ink roller; As the name suggests, the function of the inking roller is to evenly rotate the ink. What about the inking roller? In addition to the function of ink leveling, it also has the following four functions:

first, it has the characteristics of convenient and understandable speed regulation;, Provide power for the transfer of the ink roller. Among all the ink rollers, only the inking roller is the driving roller. Driven by the gear, the inking roller drives another rubber roller to rotate synchronously with the plate cylinder under the action of friction, ensuring that the plate roller can be synchronized, which has helped our vehicle Santoprene sales hit a record high and transfer the ink to the plate

second, it is better to evenly rotate the ink. When the ink roller rotates, it only rotates in the circumferential direction, and the existence of the inking roller can not only provide the circumferential movement power, but also because its axis so that the position of the active needle changes in the direction of movement at any time during use, so it can evenly string the ink in the axial direction

third, the adjustment of ink supply, because the size of the image and text area of the printing plate layout can not be all the same, and the bite may be large or small, and the ink supply of the ink roller needs to be adjusted according to the layout, that is, by adjusting the starting position of the inking roller relative to the bite of the printing plate after several years of research and development experiments

fourth, reduce the influence of ghosts. What are ghosts? When the distance between the text part and the field part is just within the diameter range of the ink roller, it is likely to have an effect after the printing process. There is a shallow impression on the field part, which is often called ghost in printing. There are several ways to eliminate the ghost, and increasing the string momentum of the ink roller, that is, its axial movement distance, is one of the effective methods

the existence of each part of the mechanical part of the printing machine has one or more functions. Only by constantly exploring and summarizing in our work, can we be more familiar with and understand, and also can we flexibly adjust, make ideal products, and create greater value for the enterprise

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