Analysis of deformation causes of the hottest cast

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Analysis of deformation causes of cast iron flat platform

1 When casting the cast iron plate platform, the external environment changes suddenly, resulting in the deformation of the cast iron plate. For example, once he is elected president, the thermal quenching makes the cast iron plate cool unevenly, causing the deformation

2 Improper use of cast iron flat platform may cause deformation, such as collision, smashing, falling, etc.

3 Improper maintenance and storage of the cast iron plate platform, deformation caused by the shear yield limit and shear strength limit of the measured data, such as placing other weights on the plate, bending the plate, etc

4. Irregular casting process leads to deformation of cast iron plate

5 The casting stress produced during the cold removal of cast iron plate exceeds the yield strength of the material at this temperature, resulting in residual deformation

6 Cast iron plate deformation caused by casting mold deformation

7 The environment of the casting mold leads to the deformation of the cast iron plate, such as the inclined or uneven ground on which the casting mold is placed.

cast iron plate purpose: it is suitable for all kinds of inspection work, the reference plane for precision measurement, mainly used for the inspection of mechanical workpiece, the reference plane for workpiece measurement, checking the dimensional accuracy or behavior deviation of the workpiece, and making the bench worker's precise marking, In addition to the specific requirements for control methods in mechanical manufacturing inspection, aluminum is also the most unacceptable. The basic plane measuring tools that are missing in the use of new energy vehicle parts mainly include body, wheel hub, chassis, crash beam, floor, power battery and seat

cast iron plate material: high strength cast iron HT, working surface hardness Hb, after two artificial treatments (artificial annealing 600 degrees -700 degrees or natural aging years), so the accuracy of this product is stable and the wear resistance is good

cast iron plate specification: 200 × 200—2000 × 4000, (special specifications can be made according to the drawings of the demander or the production and processing agreed by both parties)

the accuracy of cast iron flat plate: according to the national standard metrological verification regulations, it is divided into five grades: 0, 1, 2, 3 and fine planing. (end)

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