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Analysis of communication technology of laser processing equipment

1 Introduction

laser processing equipment is the equipment that uses the characteristics of high energy and high efficiency of laser to produce products suitable for people's production and life. At present, laser processing equipment has developed from traditional manual operation mode to high-tech equipment controlled by computer. The working process of laser processing equipment is the process that the computer controls and operates it, and then the laser processing equipment operates by itself. In the whole process, communication technology acts as a bridge between computers and laser equipment

at present, parallel data interface, USB interface and LAN (local area technology) interface are often used in laser processing equipment at home and abroad

2 parallel data interface

parallel data interface is abbreviated as "parallel port". The "parallel" of the parallel port does not refer to the parallel data line on the side of the interface and the system bus, but refers to the parallel data line on the side of the interface and the I/O device or the controlled object. The parallel interface is suitable for short-range transmission. It is an enhanced bidirectional parallel transmission interface

the parallel data interface makes it easy to install and use the equipment, and the maximum transmission speed can reach 1.5 Mbps. At present, the parallel interface in the computer is mainly used as the printer port, and the interface adopts 25 pin D-shaped connector. Parallel refers to the transmission of 8-bit data through parallel lines at the same time, which significantly improves the data transmission speed, but the length of the parallel transmission line should be limited, because the long use of graphene is still too expensive and impractical. As the degree increases, the interference will increase, making it have high requirements for equipment in the processing process and prone to errors. As a laser processing equipment, the use of parallel interface has been dominant for a certain period of time, even in the existing laser processing equipment has also been widely used. However, for laser processing equipment and other printers using parallel interfaces, the electrostatic interference generated by laser high voltage is stronger, so the error rate is higher; Moreover, due to the dispersion of laser processing equipment in geographical location, the "short" distance communication of parallel interfaces has brought great restrictions to the large-scale use of laser processing equipment, which requires laser processing equipment manufacturers to further develop interfaces that can ensure the accuracy of information and are more suitable for long-distance data communication

3 USB interface

usb is the abbreviation of universal serial bus, which means "universal serial bus" in Chinese. It is not a new bus standard, "said Zhao Yuxiang, for example, but a new interface technology applied in the field of PC. As early as 1995, USB interface was successfully applied to PC. It is a widely used interface specification on computers at present. USB interface is a 4-pin interface on the computer motherboard, in which two pins are used to transmit data, and two pins on both sides supply power to peripherals. The USB interface has fast speed (USB2.0 can reach 20 Mbps), simple connection and no external power supply. It can be hot plugged and dialed, and has good external compatibility. USB interface can be expanded by cascading like hub, but the number of cascades cannot exceed 3, otherwise it will seriously affect the power supply voltage of peripherals, make peripherals unable to work, and may burn the motherboard; In specific work, the length of USB communication line generally cannot exceed 1.5m, otherwise it may cause data loss and instability of data transmission. As for the laser processing equipment that works with computers, the USB interface also obviously restricts the spatial scope of the laser processing equipment, making the processing equipment unable to work in a large range, seriously affecting the input and mass production of large factories

at present, some enterprises use USB flash disk as a carrier to directly insert laser equipment, which can effectively solve the problem of unstable USB communication, which is a good solution. However, this method does not have the two-way data transmission ability of interface communication, so it can not realize the digital management of equipment, and it needs to be plugged in and out one by one during data replacement, so it is only suitable for small-scale production and use of small enterprises

4 LAN interface

lan interface is actually the popular name of Ethernet interface. Ethernet is the most common communication protocol standard adopted by local area network, which has high communication speed and strong error correction and anti-interference ability. Ethernet transmits packets between interconnected devices at a rate of 10-100 Mbps, up to 1000 Mbps. The limited transmission distance of twisted pair can reach 100 m, and the number and distance can be extended by cascading. The products provided by many manufacturers can use general software protocol for communication, and the openness is the best

using LAN interface, laser processing equipment is actually regarded as a terminal in the computer network system, which can realize the management of one computer to multiple laser processing equipment, or multiple computers to multiple laser processing equipment, and is not limited by space and quantity in theory. This avoids the limitations of laser equipment processing and application in time, space, industry and materials

lan interface in laser processing equipment application example figure

5 simple comparison of three interface applications

this paper gives the application comparison of three interfaces in the form of list

6 summary

from the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that the advantages of LAN interface are prominent, and it will play a very important role in the "Networking" development of laser equipment. As long as the equipment code and IP address of each laser equipment are simply set in the software, people can send commands to the corresponding equipment at will, so as to simply control and operate the corresponding laser equipment. Several methods of instrument fault diagnosis instrument circuit maintenance has always been an indispensable part in electronic companies. From the relative position of the equipment, it is basically not limited by space, so LAN interface is an interface technology that can be popularized in the wide application of laser equipment

at present, Boye laser has widely used LAN interface in the laser processing equipment produced by the company. Practice has proved that this interface is effective for market efficiency and has been recognized by large-scale production and cross industry development

of course, there are many other interface technologies, which requires laser enterprises to practice and explore in the continuous innovation and development in order to get more and better communication interface technologies. (end)

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