Analysis of domestic plastic market on September 2

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Analysis and forecast of domestic plastic market on September 21st, 2017

the ex factory prices of various plastic varieties fell, and the cost support continued to loosen. Coupled with the lack of downstream delivery, it was difficult for the city to obtain favorable support during the same period, surrounded by negative factors. It is expected that the plastic market will have a strong adsorption effect and maintain a weak trend in the short term

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:44):50.75 rose 0.34

● international oil prices closed up on the 20th

due to market optimism that the production reduction action has reduced global crude oil inventories, while demand remains stable, international oil prices closed up on the 20th. The October crude oil futures contract expiring in New York on Wednesday closed up $0.93, or 1.9%, to $50.41 a barrel, the highest close since May 24. The more active November crude oil futures contract rose $0.79, or 1.6%, to $50.69 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures in November closed up $1.15, or 2.091%, to $56.29 a barrel

[today's news]

● the construction of Qinghai Damei 300000 ton/year polyethylene plant started

recently, the first equipment of Qinghai Damei 300000 ton/year polyethylene plant contracted by the third branch of Zhejiang Industrial Equipment Installation Group Co., Ltd. was successfully hoisted, marking the official commencement of the project. It is reported that the project is located in the damiegan River Industrial Park of Xining City in different pull ranges of Qinghai Province on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

● illegal discharge of pollutants by plastic waste processing sites

recently, Meilan District Environmental Protection Bureau transferred Meilan Caiping plastic waste processing site in Haikou to Meilan brigade of the urban police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. After the case of suspected illegal discharge of pollutants, the police immediately launched an investigation and found that Meilan Caiping plastic waste processing site was located on the slope of linkexing Liqiao, Denggao village 2, Sumin village committee, Yanfeng Town, Meilan District, The waste water produced in the production process is directly discharged into the unhardened pit through the private sewage outlet, causing serious pollution to the soil. The police of Meilan brigade of the city police summoned the main person in charge of the processing point to Bailong police station of Meilan branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for examination and treatment, and sentenced him to administrative detention for 15 days

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: Maoming Petrochemical 1 # high pressure equipment production 1850a, 2 # high pressure equipment production 2426k; Dmdb-8916 produced by full density device; Hhm5502lw produced by high-density device

● PP Petrochemical trends: Yanshan Petrochemical PP plant produces f5606; Dimerization production ppr4220; Trimer k7100

● PVC Petrochemical trends: the latest quotation of chinasalt Jilantai PVC, some customers of calcium carbide method type 5 materials implement 7450 yuan/ton acceptance factory delivery, and the actual receipt is discussed slightly. The 400000 T/a units in the plant are in full production one after another, the inventory maintains regular customers, and the delivery is slightly tight

● PS Petrochemical News: Jiangsu CITIC Guoan (formerly Leiden chemical) PS price was stable, 525 was quoted at 12200 yuan/ton, and the actual discount was about 300 yuan/ton

● ABS Petrochemical trends: the individual quotation of Liaotong chemical (the former Panjin Ethylene) ABS was reduced, 275 was reduced by 300 yuan to 14850 yuan/ton, 8434a was stable at 16350 yuan/ton, and the contract price in various regions was slightly lower

● pet encourages low-power Petrochemical trends: Jiangsu Baosheng polyester bottle chip price increases by 100 yuan, water bottle material and oil bottle material offer 8100 yuan/ton self delivery, solid offer is negotiated according to order, and the shipping mentality is flexible

[early evaluation and prediction of plastics]

● early evaluation of PE: yesterday, the market price continued to decline, linear futures opened low and fluctuated, some PetroChina and petrochemical lowered the ex factory price, hit the market trading, merchants followed the decline and shipped, the downstream demand was general, and the firm offer was renegotiated. Market reference: Lanzhou market fell partially, with 2426h reported 10650 yuan/ton; The quotation in Xinjiang market weakened, and the 2426h cargo was 10750 yuan/ton less; Wuhan market was sorted out in a narrow range, and Lanhua 1810D reported 10500 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market price will continue to weaken today

● PP early review: yesterday, the market price was weak, some fell, the trend of polypropylene futures was poor, individual companies of PetroChina and petrochemical lowered the ex factory price, which was a double negative blow. Traders accompanied with the shipment of profits, some merchants were mainly on the sidelines, and the enthusiasm of real-time operation was not high. Downstream factories maintained a rigid need to buy, and the overall transaction was insufficient. Reference to local market conditions: Hebei market was dominated by the whole market, and Hu petrochemical T30S reported 8750 yuan/ton; Nanjing market shock consolidation, Donghua energy t30h reported 8750 yuan/ton; Hangzhou market fell slightly, and Sanjin T30S was reported at 8800 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market will be weak today

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