Analysis of domestic plastic market on January 18,

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On January 18, 2017, the analysis and summary of domestic plastic market

core tip: the tight supply of market goods further exacerbated the rise, and merchants tried to report high shipments. As the Spring Festival approaches, downstream factories will be on vacation one after another, with low enthusiasm for goods preparation. Traders are flexible in trading, mainly shipping according to the market. There is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and transactions meet rigid needs

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:46): 53.35 up 0.87

● international oil prices closed mixed on the 17th

supported by the optimistic expectations of the Saudi oil minister and the sharp fall in the US dollar, the February crude oil futures contract in New York closed up $0.11, or 0.2%, at $52.48 a barrel on the 17th. Brent crude oil futures fell $0.2 to $55.47 a barrel

[today's news]

● six small plastic factories in Shashi polluted the living environment of residents and were sealed up

on the 14th, with the increase of the formula number, Jingzhou Environmental Supervision Detachment immediately investigated the pollution problems of several plastic processing factories in Xuqiao village, Lixin Township, Shashi District after receiving the assignment from the central environmental protection inspector. After verification, six small plastic processing plants were sealed up according to law on the 15th. According to the on-site investigation, the six small plastic factories in Xuqiao village were all built in residential areas, and the processing and granulation projects were constructed without going through the environmental impact assessment. During the construction process, the manufacturer did not take effective pollution prevention and control measures, and the waste gas and water generated during production were directly discharged into the surrounding areas, causing pollution to the living environment of the masses

● production expansion of vincorex aqueous polyurethane crosslinker derivatives and other product lines has been completed.

vincorex recently announced the formal completion of its industrial product line series expansion project, which includes the expansion of monomer (HDI and IPDI) production capacity in pontdeclaix factory in France, the construction of tolonatehdi derivative production plant in Rayong, Thailand, and the construction of easaqua aqueous polyurethane crosslinker derivative product line plant in Freeport, Texas, USA

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: the PE linear device of an enterprise in Shanghai produces 0220kj; The low-pressure device produces 53 pairs of liquid media, with a minimum insulation of 10 min01aa. The device involves 300000 tons of linear/low-pressure respectively

● PP Petrochemical trends: Lanzhou Petrochemical PP Xinzhuang real estate rp340r; The old device is in long-term shutdown

● PVC Petrochemical trends: Henan Jiyuan Fangsheng PVC quotation was increased by 50 yuan/ton, and ordinary type 5 electric stone delivered 6300 yuan/ton in local spot exchange. The inventory is small, and the shipment is acceptable

● PS Petrochemical News: Huizhou Renxin PS factory quotation is stable, 525B is quoted at 11100 yuan/ton, 525hn is quoted at 11250 yuan/ton, 535n is not offered temporarily, 535T is not offered temporarily, and the firm offer is preferential

● ABS Petrochemical trends: at present, the cost of raw materials is rising rapidly, and the inventory is tight. LG Yongxing ABS is closed to the outside market. In the early stage, hi-121h reported 17000 yuan/ton

● pet Petrochemical trends: the price of polyester bottle chips of Zhejiang wankai is temporarily flat, and the prices of water bottle materials, oil bottle materials and hot filling are reported at 8200 yuan/ton for self delivery, and the price of carbonic acid is 100 yuan/ton. The discount range of the firm offer depends on the size of the order

[early evaluation and prediction of plastics]

● PE early evaluation: yesterday's market price was adjusted in a narrow range, and the linear futures shock hit the mentality. Individual companies of PetroChina and petrochemical adjusted the ex factory price. Towards the end of the year, the market trading enthusiasm was not high, most merchants shipped with the market, the downstream inquiry was scarce, the enthusiasm for entering the market procurement was low, and the actual transaction follow-up was limited. Reference to the market conditions of various regions: Qilu Chemical City market rose slightly, Qilu 2480 rose 50 to 9300 yuan/ton, the market atmosphere in Nanjing was general, Yangba 2426h reported yuan/ton, Hangzhou market fluctuated slightly, and PetroChina 2426h reported 11850 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market will fluctuate slightly today

● PP morning review: yesterday, the market price was stable and small, the polypropylene futures plunged in the intraday to hit the trading, and individual companies of PetroChina and petrochemical transferred out the factory price, which still played a supporting role in the cost of goods supply. Traders held a wait-and-see attitude, continued to flexibly take goods and reduce their positions, the enthusiasm for downstream procurement gradually declined, and the overall transaction performance was light. Reference to market conditions around the world: Tianjin market offer consolidation, Nanjing coal 1102k reported 8850 yuan/ton, Hangzhou market slightly higher, Fude T30S reported yuan/ton, Guangzhou market was stable and small, Maoming S1003 reported 9250 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be dominated by consolidation

● PVC early review: yesterday's technical conditions for fixed general lamps in the market GB 13037 (9) 1, the market was sorted out in a narrow range, and the trading volume turned light. Towards the end of the year, businesses mainly pay bills and maintain a wait-and-see attitude. Most of the downstream product enterprises have successively entered the holiday mode, and the factory has gradually reduced the load operation, making it more difficult to make actual transactions. Quotation reference: Shantou market offer is stable, Haina/Tianhu 6450 yuan/ton; Shandong market quotation increased, and Taishan salt chemical type 5 was reported at 6310 yuan/ton; Qilu Chemical City market fell slightly, and the ethylene material tax included s700 was reported at about 6930 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market offer will be stable and small

● PS morning review: yesterday, the market price was generally stable, and individual consolidation. Affected by the upward cost of upstream, individual quotations rose slightly and were negotiated on a real basis. The new year is approaching, and the demand is affected by the low stocking of downstream factories, and the trading is slightly sluggish. Quotation reference: Shantou market quotation slightly consolidated, 635 up 100 yuan to 10300 yuan/ton; Shunde's market quotation is temporarily stable, and Zhanjiang xinzhongmei 525 is quoted at 10100 yuan/ton; The quotation in Beijing market generally rose, and Panjin 825 rose 100 yuan to 11700 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market price will rise steadily today

● ABS early review: yesterday's market generally operated smoothly, and the quotations of some brands were minor. Merchants operate according to the market, and the actual shipment has a little room for negotiation, so it is difficult to follow up the transaction. Downstream factories have few purchases, continue to purchase on demand, and have a strong wait-and-see mentality. Quotation reference: Shantou market reference price fell, 707k fell 40 yuan to 15100 yuan/ton; The reference price in Tianjin market rose, and 0215h was quoted at 15600 yuan/ton; Shunde's market quotation was basically stable, and ning121h was quoted at 14800 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market preference operation will prevail

● early evaluation of PET bottles and chips: yesterday's market price did not change much. Towards the end of the year, there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the venue. Bottle manufacturers maintained stable ex factory prices, most of the downstream maintained on-demand procurement, and some of them replenished their warehouses with an appropriate amount of goods. The overall trading atmosphere was tepid. Market reference: water bottle materials in East China reported yuan/ton for self delivery, negotiated yuan/ton, water bottle materials in South China reported yuan/ton, negotiated yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be dominated by consolidation

● early review of pet waste recycling: yesterday, the market price was mainly sideways, some washing plants and chemical fiber plants stopped production and collection, and most operators chose to withdraw from the market to wait for the new year. There was little trading atmosphere on the floor, and they still continued to operate. Merchants followed the market step by step, and the overall negotiation atmosphere was flat. Market reference: machine white tablets in the East China market were at yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market situation will not change significantly

[waste market news]


● market quotation reference of imported LDPE film particles in Suzhou: white transparent high-quality particles, plain white; Secondary level; Level II

● reference of Laizhou imported high-voltage large parts market offer: 99 membrane yuan/ton, 98 membrane yuan/ton, 95 membrane yuan/ton


● Xi'an PP crushing market reference: red transparent fruit frame crushing 5000, red yellow crushing 3800, blue-green 3700, black water fruit frame floating water crushing 3300, bottom dry powder material 1 word does not agree to complete a "small goal" 1400

● Hebei PP transparent material market offer reference: white transparent high-quality particles 7400, white transparent high-quality broken, ordinary broken, solid offer negotiable


● Suqian PVC hard material market reference, white plastic steel washing material 4000, small white pipe material, white gusset plate material, hard miscellaneous material

● the PVC soft crushing material market in Liaoning is in low demand. Reference: Engineering Membrane crushing, blue greenhouse membrane crushing 3500, brick membrane crushing report


● Wen'an ABS recycled motorcycle shell material market trading is light and stable: Motorcycle shell Beige granulation is about 8700; Broken materials without paint stripping, broken materials without paint stripping

● Laizhou renewable PS market demand is flat, manufacturers' operation is low, and trading sentiment is not high. Reference: the first-class material of broken refrigerator door plate is RMB/ton, and the second-class material is about 4400 yuan/ton

engineering plastics

● purchase price reference of a chemical fiber factory in Liaoyang: three-dimensional hot washed white film 5500, hot washed blue white film 5400, blue film 4850, oil pot film 4400, green film 4150, solid offer for negotiation

● Cixi chemical fiber factory purchase price reference: filament grade cold water white 5500 blue white, three-dimensional hot water white, blue white

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