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Analysis of CTP application in newspaper industry in 2007

2007 was an extraordinary year for the domestic CTP market. According to incomplete statistics, more than 300 CTP equipment were newly added nationwide in 2007, with a growth rate of more than 40%. Such rapid growth shows that the domestic CTP market has entered a mature stage of development and is in a stage of rapid development after nearly 10 years of gestation

the rapid growth of CTP installed capacity is the result of mature technology and long-term market foreshadowing. However, the most important thing is that the application environment of CTP equipment is more mature. In addition to the decline in the price of CTP equipment, the price of plates has also decreased significantly. After analysis, printing enterprises found that the cost of using CTP plate making has been basically equivalent to that of traditional plate making methods, and with the increase of consumption, There is more room for cost reduction. At the same time, Fuji, Kodak and other manufacturers have put into operation new plate factories in China. The localized production of plates indicates that the domestic CTP plate supply will be large in the future, and the printing enterprises can have a better expectation of the plate price. Considering the benefits brought by the introduction of CTP system from the overall production process, many printing enterprises regard CTP as the first choice for equipment introduction and transformation

in terms of newspaper CTP application, the newspaper industry added 18 CTP equipment in 2007, which continued the development momentum since 2006 in terms of installed capacity, showing that the application of newspaper CTP has been developing steadily in the past two years. At the same time, the application of newspaper CTP in 2007 also reflected some new characteristics

the mainstream position of purple laser CTP in the first quarter was further strengthened

in terms of technical types, the new equipment of newspaper CTP in 2007 basically adopted purple laser equipment. Among them, Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper has used purple laser CTP and thermal CTP at the same time, and three sets were purchased in batch in 2007; Yangcheng Evening News also purchased two purple laser CTPs in batches; Hebei used to use thermal CTP, but also chose the mainstream purple laser CTP when adding new equipment; The workers purchased CTP equipment again and still chose purple laser equipment; Changchun, Shanghai Securities News and many other users who first introduced CTP also jointly chose the mainstream of the market. Combined with the situation in 2006, it shows that purple laser CTP technology with comprehensive advantages is increasingly recognized by newspaper printing enterprises, and the mainstream position of purple laser CTP in newspaper application has been further strengthened

diversified application needs

although the installed capacity of CTP equipment in the newspaper industry has not increased significantly as in the field of commercial printing, we should also see that with the rapid growth of CTP applications in some laboratories in the whole printing industry, the application of CTP in the newspaper industry has also undergone some changes and new demands

1. the demand of newspaper manufacturers for mixed use

with the intensification of competition, more and more newspaper printing plants have begun or have begun to set foot in commercial printing. Newspaper printing enterprises' demand for CTP is more comprehensive. Many newspaper printing enterprises no longer purchase CTP solely to meet the needs of newspaper printing, but need CTP equipment that can meet the mixed application mode of newspaper manufacturers at the same time, Some even consider using CTP equipment only in the field of commercial printing. For example, Guangxi society printing center has specially equipped CTP equipment for the production and application of commercial rotation and flatting machines to improve its competitiveness

2. Demand for equipment backup

based on the particularity of newspaper production, newspaper printing plants have high requirements for the stability and continuity of production. Therefore, many large newspaper groups have begun to consider the need for equipment backup when purchasing CTP. For example, Shenzhen Special Zone News purchased three CTP equipment at one time. At the same time, more newspaper printing enterprises that have applied CTP have begun to seek to purchase new equipment to back up the original CTP, such as Yangcheng Evening News, workers, Hebei, etc

3. The demand of small and medium-sized newspapers

the application of newspaper CTP can minimize energy input from large newspaper groups, provincial newspapers and so on, and it extends to industry newspapers and local newspapers. Many local newspapers focus more on CTP equipment when updating equipment, and some have been put into action, such as Shanghai Securities News, Ulanhot news, etc

the overall solution has become the focus of choice

among the CTP equipment of newspaper industry in 2007, the equipment sold by founder accounted for the absolute majority, reaching as many as 17. On the one hand, it benefits from the coverage of founder in the newspaper market. More importantly, founder provides comprehensive solutions covering not only CTP equipment, but also CTP equipment, system software and services. For printing enterprises, the introduction of CTP equipment is not a simple replacement for the existing phototypesetting equipment, but more importantly, around the application of CTP equipment, establish a new process flow to improve production efficiency and quality. Therefore, the performance comparison of equipment is only an important part of the overall solution. Good equipment needs to cooperate with advanced digital workflow and targeted process services to truly play its role. Because of this, many users such as Shenzhen Special Zone News, Guangxi and Changchun have chosen the overall solution provided by founder when introducing CTP equipment

founder electronics, which has served the newspaper industry for more than 20 years, has been committed to providing high-quality integrated solutions for newspaper users. Today, with the increasing popularity of CTP application, founder electronics has launched its own brand Diaolong CTP after a lot of market research and careful preliminary preparation. Founder Diaolong CTP is jointly developed and produced with internationally renowned CTP manufacturers. This is a prudent decision made after fully considering the actual situation of the domestic newspaper industry's requirements for the operation stability and production continuity of prepress equipment and the development process of domestic phototypesetters for many years

founder Diaolong CTP adopts high-precision inner drum structure and purple laser technology, which can completely compete with imported high-end CTP equipment in terms of quality and performance. In terms of speed performance, violet laser equipment has obvious advantages over other types of CTP, and can meet the needs of the conventional production capacity of the newspaper industry. The application in the commercial market for many years also shows that the purple laser CTP equipment can fully meet the needs of high-end commercial printing; The advantages of high precision and high reliability of the inner drum structure have been fully verified on the high-end equipment in the era of Phototypesetter. The inner drum structure not only comprehensively improves the stability of the equipment, greatly reduces the overall maintenance cost and operation risk of the equipment, but also avoids the potential loss of printing business caused by CTP shutdown and maintenance. At the same time, in order to better serve newspaper users, founder has focused on creating a full set of Diaolong CTP solutions, giving full play to its advantages in software and process services, and creating a comprehensive digital production process for newspaper users with high-quality CTP equipment, safe and efficient digital workflow, and comprehensive personalized process services for CTP as the main body

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