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Expert: analysis of construction machinery management skills in airport construction

expert: analysis of construction machinery management skills in airport construction

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: construction machinery is the main equipment in China's airport construction, which is to ensure airport construction. 8. Nondestructive testing instruments (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector γ X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission detector, etc.) are important tools for the normal construction of the project. They are important means to ensure the quality of airport construction projects and improve the working conditions of the project. Since entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's economy and science and technology, modernization technology

construction machinery is the main equipment of airport construction in China. It is an important tool to ensure the normal construction of airport construction projects, and an important means to ensure the quality of airport construction projects and improve engineering labor conditions. Since entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's economy and science and technology, modernization technology and high-tech have been widely used in construction machinery. A large number of high-tech and high-performance construction machinery with electrification and electromechanical integration have been constantly entering the construction field and have been widely used in airport construction projects

however, with the rapid development of construction machinery, the maintenance and management technology of construction machinery is far from keeping up with the development speed of construction machinery, which seriously affects the performance of construction machinery and has a huge negative impact on the construction progress and quality. Therefore, improving the management ability of airport construction machinery has become an important means to ensure the completion of airport construction on time and ensure the quality

next, I will investigate and analyze the current maintenance and management of airport construction machinery, combined with my years of maintenance and management experience, find the problems existing in the maintenance and management of airport construction machinery, and talk about the maintenance and management skills of airport construction machinery

I. Problems in the management of airport construction machinery in China

due to the influence of China's traditional awareness and management system of engineering construction, at present, in the management and maintenance of airport construction machinery in China, what is the difference between these two experiments? Next, Shandong Star High Tech will make a brief introduction. There are mainly the following problems:

1. "Emphasizing use and neglecting maintenance" is the main problem in the management of airport construction machinery in China at present.

the problem of emphasizing construction and neglecting management has always been obvious in the process of engineering construction. The fundamental reason is that on the construction site, The purpose of all work is to make the project construction smoothly and complete within the specified time. The management work does not seem to bring any obvious effect to the construction progress, nor can it bring direct economic benefits to the enterprise. It seems that the energy invested in the management, including the management of construction machinery, is a waste. This wrong understanding has led some enterprises to have insufficient understanding of the importance of equipment management and maintenance. During the construction process, there is a short-term behavior and blind behavior in the use of construction machinery, blindly rushing to catch up with the schedule. Many construction machinery work with defects, parts are overloaded, overloaded and worn, and even some necessary maintenance and guarantee work are ignored for fear of misconstruction, which greatly increases the number of construction machinery failures, The service life is seriously shortened. Finally, it increases the cost of engineering construction and reduces the economic benefits of the enterprise. For example, in the construction process of many enterprises, a large number of construction machinery are overloaded, which does not cause serious engine wear, but also makes the chassis and transmission components have a low service life, and even the frame is deformed or broken. The service life of airport construction machinery is shortened and the normal construction is affected

2. The phenomenon of "heavy repair, light modification and neglect of renewal" is another obvious problem in the management of airport construction machinery in China at present.

at present, in the management of airport construction machinery in China, many enterprises only want to "restore the original" after the failure of construction machinery, and even as long as they can make do with "work", but only repeatedly repair the backward equipment and faulty equipment without necessary technical transformation, As a result, many units of construction machinery are still very backward, which not only consumes a lot of oil and has low efficiency, but also is very prone to failure, which increases the maintenance cost and delays the construction period. Even if it is repaired, it is difficult to restore the performance and accuracy, which cannot meet the requirements of airport construction, and brings unnecessary trouble to the construction process. At the same time, because many units do not pay enough attention to the failure and aging of mechanical equipment, they are not willing to invest in the upgrading of mechanical equipment, only pay attention to short-term economic benefits, covet convenience without considering the overall performance of mechanical filling, and even use worn-out machinery or scrapped machinery in violation of national regulations, the failure rate of construction machinery has greatly increased, which not only poses a threat to the life safety of construction personnel, It also has a great impact on the overall construction efficiency of airport construction projects, especially today, when the demand for electrified machinery and equipment in modern airport construction projects continues to increase, backward construction machinery is more difficult to meet the requirements of engineering construction, reducing project revenue, reducing the competitiveness of enterprises, and affecting the future development of enterprises

3. There are defects in the management system of construction machinery, and the implementation of the machinery maintenance system is not strict.

in the process of engineering construction in China, due to the defects in the understanding of the management of construction machinery, the management of mechanical equipment is not paid enough attention to during the operation of engineering projects, and the input of human and material resources is seriously insufficient. The airport construction project itself is extremely complex, with many aspects, and the transfer of machinery, equipment and personnel is extremely frequent, which requires higher machinery management. However, many construction enterprise management departments not only ignore the investment in machinery management, but also blindly simplify the machinery and equipment management organization, reduce the management personnel, and even let some departments concurrently manage the machinery and equipment management, resulting in extremely chaotic machinery and equipment management, many systems are not perfect, and there are serious defects, even if the machinery and equipment management system is not implemented in place, lacks the restriction to users, and the implementation is unclear, The operators can't deal with the faults in time, and the maintenance personnel also deal with them when they need maintenance. They can't fundamentally solve the fault problem. The equipment faults continue to expand, seriously affecting the construction quality and project progress, and reducing the service life and safety of mechanical equipment

II. Airport construction machinery management skills

with the development of modern economic construction, the competition among enterprises is intensifying, especially in the construction industry. How to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency and increase the competitiveness of enterprises has become the primary consideration of enterprises. With the continuous development of modern construction technology, the continuous use of electrified machinery and electromechanical integration equipment, the construction machinery management is more and more valued by the construction industry. What skills are there in the construction machinery management for the airport construction

1. Improving the equipment management system and standardizing the equipment management work

a perfect equipment management system is an important guarantee for doing a good job in the management of construction machinery. For large projects such as airport construction, a perfect equipment management system has a decisive impact on the smooth implementation of the project. In the construction of the airport, the construction enterprises should change their original ideas, establish and strengthen the management organization of construction machinery, and ensure that the posts are assigned to each person. Strengthen the unified management and scheduling of mechanical equipment. Formulate the daily maintenance and service system of construction machinery and implement it to people. According to the actual situation of construction machinery, prepare the use plan and task of construction machinery, and prepare the maintenance plan, which has an expected plan for the operation effect of construction machinery. The system of fixed machine, fixed person, fixed position and maintenance can be adopted to effectively implement the use and maintenance system of construction machinery

2. Improve the management ability of mechanical equipment and strengthen the management quality of mechanical equipment of the team

with the continuous increase of the high-tech content of construction machinery and equipment, electrified mechanical equipment and electromechanical integration equipment are widely used in airport construction projects, and the airport construction machinery is constantly updated, with higher and higher technical content. However, the technical level of many maintenance technicians is still relatively backward, which can not meet the maintenance management of new construction machinery. Especially for high-tech equipment, the need for maintenance management personnel is increasing, and also higher. Therefore, improving the management ability of mechanical equipment, strengthening the team to protect the service life of experimental machines, and quality education of mechanical equipment management are important means to improve the operating efficiency of mechanical equipment

3. Strengthen the introduction of advanced equipment and pay attention to the elimination of waste equipment

in order to save investment, many enterprises ignore the introduction and replacement of advanced equipment, which is not only old equipment, but also make do with being able to use, and a large number of scrapped machinery and backward machinery fill the construction site. Airport construction is related to the safety of people's lives and property, and it is not allowed to be sloppy at all. As an enterprise, we should proceed from the long-term interests, and we should not be short-sighted. We should replace the outdated equipment that should be replaced, and we should charge for the scrapped equipment. Although many machines seem to be able to make do with it, in fact, because of their serious wear and tear, the technology is not advanced enough, the energy consumption is usually very high, the work efficiency is extremely low, and they are also very prone to failure. Not only the maintenance cost is high, but also the construction period will be affected, and the construction safety will also be greatly affected. Enterprises should start from long-term interests, adopt selective technology and introduce advanced machinery, so as to ensure the smooth progress of airport construction projects and improve the competitiveness of enterprises

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