Analysis of craftsman spirit of FAW Jiefang Engine

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An analysis of the craftsman spirit of FAW Jiefang Engine Division

an analysis of the craftsman spirit of FAW Jiefang Engine Division

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recently, the launch of FAW Jiefang J7 and L4 series smart cars with the theme of "intelligent world and endless courage" was held in Shandong Qingdao. The offline ceremony of Jiefang J7 was held synchronously in Changchun production base, marking that Jiefang J7 has entered the stage of mass production and is one step closer to the official listing

according to the technical director of Jiefang, as a world-class high-end heavy truck benchmarking with imported trucks from Europe, this J7 is the seventh generation heavy truck product successfully built by Jiefang in 7 years. From appearance to interior decoration, from configuration to details, from design to manufacturing, J7 has completed an innovative transformation based on J6. It is worth mentioning that Jiefang J7 power system is equipped with ca6dme5 orway engine of FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as "engine division"), with 13 liter displacement and 500 horsepower. It is one of the mainstream large displacement and high horsepower engines in China

"Some time ago, Jiefang J7 equipped with Aowei engine carried out a comparative test with international products. It crossed the Gobi, challenged the plateau, passed through the mountains, crossed the coast, and crossed 26 provinces. The highest altitude was 5200 meters, and the single vehicle mileage was nearly 30000 kilometers. The test results showed that not only the overall performance of J7 reached the technical level of contemporary vehicles in Europe, but also proved the excellent and reliable performance of Aowei 13L engine. We are confident that national brands have made great contributions to Aowei Motivation confidence. " Shangqiu Zhongji FAW Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. said sincerely

as we all know, the secret weapon of Jiefang heavy truck is the Aowei machine, which is known as the "core" of the whole vehicle. As a flagship product of the engine business department, oway engine has experienced the baptism and witness of time. The effect of carbon fiber reinforced plastic on weight reduction is more obvious. It has become the most advanced and fuel-efficient engine that has not been well solved in domestic technology at present. Its fuel economy and efficiency have formed a comprehensive market reputation. The reason is closely related to the adherence of the engine division to the craftsman spirit

pragmatic potential behavior work willing to be an ox

when it comes to craftsmanship spirit, I have to mention Gu Jian, senior technician of the engine business department. As the saying goes, talents thrive, innovation is strong; If you have good skills, your industry will prosper. For the team indispensable to the development of the enterprise, every talent is the ultimate foothold and the best annotation of the craftsman spirit of the enterprise

after graduating from Wuxi technical school in 1993, Gu Jian entered the engine business department. In the past 25 years, from a fitter apprentice to a versatile worker, from a layman in maintenance to a senior expert of FAW, Gu Jian has used his own practical actions to interpret the childlike spirit of Chinese craftsmen, which is pragmatic, professional, and selfless

when he first entered the factory, Gu Jian worked as a fitter in the workshop, responsible for the manufacture of molds, tooling and fixtures. The fitter's work is very monotonous and requires great patience. Gu Jian constantly studied the fitter skills and undertook the difficult assembly and repair work in the workshop. In 2005, he voluntarily applied to be transferred to the intensive repair group. In the next 13 years, he only did one thing, maintenance, maintenance... And then continued to maintain

in the manufacturing industry, the maintenance of motorized spindles is a big problem: it costs more than 1 million yuan to buy a new motorized spindle, the outsourcing maintenance cost is more than 200000 yuan, and the warranty period after maintenance is only three months. The technical difficulty of maintenance is that the spacer in the middle of the bearing should reach the accuracy of 2 microns, which is equivalent to 1/35 of the hair diameter. If the accuracy is not enough, the service life of the bearing will be reduced and the bearing will be scrapped. For this kind of difficult and technical inspection and maintenance, the machine is obviously "beyond its power". Can greatly improve production efficiency

without drawings and any spare parts, Gu Jian took the team to gnaw down this "hard bone". He practiced for five years from the silk level to the micron level, and then from 5 microns to 2 microns (2 microns is only 1/35 of hair), and he practiced for another 10 years. In the end, it not only met the accuracy requirements of 2 microns, but also found the problem of burning the rear end bearings, and replaced the bearing steel balls with ceramic balls that can withstand higher temperatures, filling the gap in the maintenance technology of imported motorized spindles, saving more than 3 million maintenance costs for the engine division every year

when grinding parts, Gu Jian is used to removing gloves and perceiving accuracy with skin. In the long run, the cocoons on your hands become thicker and thicker, and your fingerprints become blurred. You have to press it several times to punch in and out every day. However, it is these hands that perceive the accuracy that even numerical control equipment is difficult to achieve

"the growth of skilled workers is a relatively long process. We must not forget our original intentions, endure loneliness, and work hard towards our own goals." Gu Jian said

integrity and innovation make ingenuity enterprise

at the human level, if we have the quality of pursuing the ultimate in one thing and continue to pay time and effort for it, we call it "craftsman"; At the enterprise level, if an enterprise is good at learning, diligent in tackling key problems, encouraging and focusing on technological integrity and innovation, we can also call it a "craftsman enterprise" with craftsmanship. Qian Hengrong, general manager of the engine business department and Secretary of the Party committee, believes that technological innovation is the most important innovation for the traditional manufacturing industry. There is no way out for follow-up innovation, and we must take the road of leading innovation

the development of the engine division in the past few years has well explained the role of independent innovation in market promotion. As we all know, in recent years, China's engine industry has been greatly impacted by the fading dividends of the gb1589 policy and the upgrading of automobile exhaust emissions. However, the market trend of the engine division is opposite to the overall market

it is worth mentioning that the annual R & D expenditure of the engine business unit accounts for more than 5% of the sales. It is also to integrate the R & D resources of Wuxi pump Institute, expand the forward-looking technology research department originally located in the Xichai R & D center into the forward-looking technology research institute, establish the engine Development Institute located in Changchun as the engine development department I, and the former Xichai R & D center as the engine development Department II. Within the enterprise, the engine business division encourages employees to innovate and start businesses. By establishing a "dual track" model of centralized project management of major innovation businesses and special line project management of basic innovation businesses, it deepens the distribution of innovation incentives, increases the intensity of major innovation incentives, and significantly improves employees' Innovation enthusiasm and innovation ideas. In 2017 alone, the total number of invention patents reached 470

in the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, it was proposed to "build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce, carry forward the spirit of model workers and artisans, and create a glorious social atmosphere of labor and a professional atmosphere of excellence". Made in China 2025 and industry 4.0 provide a clear policy direction for the development of engine enterprises. However, the supply side reform being implemented on a large scale now requires craftsmanship to guide enterprises from extensive to lean in order to effectively improve the contradiction between supply and demand

in the past 2017, the total sales of engines in the engine business division exceeded 310000 units, the main business income exceeded 10 billion, the benefits reached a record high, and various indicators of the enterprise were in the forefront of the industry. The engine business unit is an epitome of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, and the analysis of the craftsmanship spirit of the engine business unit can also understand the reasons for its revenue growth from another aspect

looking outward from the engine business department, it is not difficult for us to find that continuous technological progress has led to the emergence of more new products, giving us comfort and convenience. What is hidden behind this is the efforts of scientific and technological workers in innovation, research and development and continuous breakthroughs, which shine with the brilliance of the craftsman spirit. Like the engine business division, such enterprises are "ingenuity enterprises" that provide users with more convenient and comfortable products, provide employees with more reliable life security and a more relaxed working environment, and maximize the value of existing resources in society. It is also based on this that the engine business department will emerge a group of artisans who love their posts, work hard and stick to them silently


for a long time, China's manufacturing industry has adopted the extensive growth of "low-cost, large-scale" as shown in Table 2, resulting in the current situation that Chinese manufacturing is large but not strong, extensive but not refined. The Chinese manufacturing industry represented by FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as "engine division") has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship, focused on the transformation and upgrading of supply side reform, and walked out of a continuous upward development curve. Through the steady layout of globalization, we can see the role of domestic brands on the world stage, greatly improving the international discourse power of made in China

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