Analysis of countermeasures against fire caused by

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Analysis of countermeasures against fire caused by fireworks

People's traditional fireworks and firecrackers celebration is still recognized by most Chinese people. Although the government departments have imposed a ban on the setting off of firecrackers in urban areas, people are still interested in the setting off of fireworks and firecrackers. Thousands of years of cultural heritage has long been integrated into customs and it is difficult to remove the roots of their own culture. Behind this change in the mandatory prohibition of detectors, the tangible fire hazards have long been transformed into more hidden and difficult to detect fire problems. At this time, fireworks and firecrackers are on the market in batches, which also indicates that an arduous new year fire battle will be launched in an all-round way

the custom of setting off fireworks has contributed to people's habit of setting off fireworks almost everywhere. In addition, when people's voice for banning fireworks in the Spring Festival is rising, the unsafe factor of hidden fire hazards will multiply. When people are immersed in setting off fireworks and almost lose their rational thinking about fire, the fire brewed by fireworks will be imminent and tragedy will come at the same time. In terms of fire prone points, there are: densely populated places, schools and surrounding environment, flammable and explosive places, mixed places of factories and buildings, major fire hazards listed by the government for remediation, rural firewood stacking places, etc., which will be listed as key fire prevention places. In particular, the fire sources around fireworks should be paid more attention

it is easy to find the key fire protection places, but how to do a good job in safety protection, we must make a comprehensive consideration:

first, standardize the fireworks and firecracker market, and at the same time, do a good job in the overall construction of fire products and the treatment and inspection of the advanced demonstration base of aluminum based new material industry with radiation effect

during the Spring Festival, the fireworks and firecracker market brings the most lucrative profits. The supply of goods based on national culture can always arouse the interest of illegal sellers, so a large number of fake and inferior fireworks are packaged and sold together with qualified fireworks, and the results are often terrible, not only property losses, but even life-threatening

the practice of illegal pyrotechnic merchants turning on computers requires not only the public security organs and fire departments to jointly crack down on the destruction of illegal fireworks and firecrackers hideouts, but also the active cooperation of other departments, and calls on the whole people to actively report illegal trafficking, storage and sales of fireworks and firecrackers by illegal merchants, so as to eliminate unsafe factors in the bud

II. For key fire-fighting places, compulsory isolation measures should be taken to ensure personal and property safety

considering the flammability and explosiveness of fireworks, it is necessary to strengthen the management of banning firecrackers in some key places. For example, fireworks are prohibited in the forest fire prevention zone and within 150 meters around it as stipulated in the regulations of Beijing Municipality on the protection and administration of forest resources; Fireworks are forbidden in nurseries owned by the state, collectives or individuals, as well as within 150 meters around them; Set up fire warning lines at major fire hazards listed by the government for remediation; Set up eye-catching billboards prohibiting fireworks in places prone to major fires, and enforce them with normative provisions to enhance the credibility of the law; Strengthen the prevention of firewood and grass piles in rural areas, establish isolation and protection areas in time and strengthen management, etc

III. strengthen the construction of fire-fighting equipment and install appropriate fire-fighting devices in fire-fighting areas in different places

the suddenness of fire is not determined by people's consciousness, and it is unexpected for people to come in a hurry. In this case, the practicality of fire extinguishing devices in fire is naturally favored. It is particularly important to choose appropriate fire extinguishing devices for different occasions

the water system fire extinguishing device takes advantage of the richness of water resources and is cheaper to use, but it has a certain situation compared with fires of different natures, but users may encounter some common fault limits of large and small after buying equipment, so they cannot give full play to their advantages in oil depot fires and live fires; Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing device can isolate the combustor from the air to achieve physical fire extinguishing effect, but it may be ineffective for human safety in relatively closed places, and the storage conditions of carbon dioxide are high, and the fire extinguishing efficiency is not ideal

in terms of dry powder fire-extinguishing devices, the advantages of ultra-fine dry powder are far better than ABC ordinary dry powder fire-extinguishing devices. Because its particle size is less than 5 microns, the fine dry powder can fully combine with the combustibles to achieve the effect of total flooding fire-extinguishing, which means that it is less used per unit fire-extinguishing area and has high efficiency. Its dry powder produces a combination reaction on the surface of the combustibles to form a protective film, so as to achieve the physical reaction principle of being isolated from the air. Therefore, ultra-fine dry powder is suitable for class A, B, C fires and live fires, and the convenience of storage is more easily accepted by people

the Spring Festival is a high incidence period of fires. Fires are always caused by an improper reason, but this reason has already led to an irreparable tragedy when people find it. Fire prevention measures should be adapted to local conditions, and the prevention work depends on the active cooperation of the government and the public to curb the occurrence of fire from the source

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