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Analysis on the development of environment-friendly packaging in Europe

the European packaging industry has a large market, and the situation in different regions is different. Germany and France will also show that the CFRTP forming countries such as competitive bicycle wheels made of ultra light carbon fiber, Italy and the United Kingdom have the advantage

Germany has won a reputation in the world for its emphasis on environmental protection. Germany still uses different glass packaging in all aspects of packaging, while disposable pet bottles are rarely used. Germany is the first country in Europe to establish legislation on packaging waste, which was implemented in 1991 to stimulate the recycling and recycling of packaging materials

from 1990 to 2000, the Italian packaging industry focused on developing new technologies, such as plastic packaging, which accounted for a high share in the use of packaging materials

from 1990 to 2000, the British packaging industry focused on developing new technologies, and its plastic packaging also accounted for a high share in the use of the whole packaging materials

at the same time, the packaging industry in Eastern Europe contains a lot of opportunities. This region has seen significant improvement, but imported packaging materials are still very important in meeting the packaging demand in this region

take the Russian beverage industry as an example. It has established a large number of canning plants and continues to build, which will generate a large demand for beverage cans

many major European tinplate manufacturers have announced that they will raise the price of tinplate from January 1, 2004. The rise in the price of tinplate in Europe will also promote the development of the European packaging market

in the continuous expansion of PET bottle market, the collection and recycling of PET bottles have attracted the attention of European countries. The utilization of PET bottles plays an important role in expanding the development of European packaging market

a new type of cereal packaged in paper appears in the breakfast market in Norway. This kind of food packaging does not use the inner bag made of plastic film at all, but directly uses the paper packaging that can protect the contents. Due to the high cost of Bayer materials technology, which will invest in research and development of new technologies for paper materials, this kind of packaging is not suitable for cheap products, but its good environmental protection concept has been favored by the industry

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