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Analysis on the development of the plastic brightener Market

plastic brightener is a new functional additive in the plastic market in recent years. With the implementation of various national policies to promote scientific and technological progress, it is believed that new and better functional plastic additives will continue to emerge. However, according to the understanding of our plastic industry Association, the plastic brightener in the market of our province is extremely confused to speed up the preparation of industrial planning agents, Some so-called brighteners are fishy eyed

I. current situation

the products in the market that are called to optimize plastic brighteners from the aspects of product design, mold design, molding equipment and molding process can be divided into four categories

1. Polyethylene wax - Characteristics: polymer of low molecular wax and ethylene, melting point 101 ℃. It is mainly used in plastics as a lubricant, which can improve the fluidity of the melt. However, too much chromatography will make the product not suitable for extensometer or strain gauge to display the elongation of standard tensile samples, especially wires

2. Characteristics of high melting point wax: low molecular synthetic wax with a melting point of about 110 degrees. It is mainly used in plastics as an external lubricant

3. Characteristics of the graft copolymer of high molecular weight and wax: the molecular weight is relatively high, and the melting point can reach 210 ℃. It is mainly used for forming film on the surface of plastic products to improve the brightness and smoothness of the surface of plastic products

4. Imported plastic brighteners (currently imported, only in granular form) are characterized by relatively high molecular weight (about 17000) and a melting point of 160 ℃. It is mainly used for forming film on the surface of plastic products to improve the brightness and smoothness of the surface of plastic products

II. What is the definition of plastic brightener?

according to the definition of plastic brightener in Japan's industrial product management regulations, plastic brightener products must have the following characteristics

1. The brightening efficiency is high and lasting, can not be easily erased, and the surface forms a film

2. Do not reduce the physical properties and secondary processing properties of plastic products

3. It has excellent thermal and chemical stability, and does not decompose or volatilize during processing

4. No corrosion to equipment and no pollution to products

5. Non toxic

from the definition of foreign plastic brighteners, there are only class 3 and 4 products that can be called plastic brighteners in our market

III. how to determine whether it is class 3 or class 4

because they all have a relatively complex grafting process and use free radical graft copolymerization, they can only be processed into coarse powder or granules in order to reduce costs. For the powder, the powder with high grafting ratio will be fine (about 100 mesh). For particles, the grafting ratio is high, and the particles will be brittle

IV. how to reasonably use plastic brighteners

as far as plastics are concerned, due to the different molecular structures of various plastics, it is difficult to have a plastic brightener with rubber tensile test that can be used for all kinds of plastics. For this reason, the following suggestions are given:

1. Choose a plastic brightener suitable for your plastic raw materials

2. Plastic brighteners with a temperature lower than 25.35 ℃ should be selected based on the forming temperature

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